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Having tones of expertise while manufacturing top quality shrink wrap film. Packman Packaging is now a strong established name when it comes to making shrink wrap film for several industries.

Packman Packaging offer high-quality LDPE Shrink Film. LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) Shrink Film is used for wrapping products across various industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, glass bottles, cans, tins, beverages, tetra packs, cartons, consumer durables, stationery and all sorts of industrial products.

Packman Packaging’s specialty is to make tailor made products to suit the customer’s requirement. The products have high application shrink.

Eminent packaging company Packman Packaging’s special PE-based high-quality shrink film is a world-class standard packaging solution, suitable for packing wide range of products at competitive costs. Unlike corrugated packaging, our recyclable shrink-wrap films are made from recyclable material and prove to be a superior eco-friendly solution.

Packman Packaging also, provide the best quality transparent shrink wrap film. Which can be used for packing different beverages, bottled water, and dairy shrink bundlers.

Packman Packaging offers a top range of Polyolefin Shrink Film and shrink wrap machinery, combined with incomparable technical and customer service.


  • Involves usage of fewer plastic, thus is extremely eco-friendly and safe for users.
  • High Shelf Appeal and Ideal Solution for all External Packaging.
  • High resistance against puncture and tear dispersion.
  • Outstanding toughness and high holding stability.
  • Increased Profit and Productivity.
  • In comparison to substitutes like carton and packaging (wrapping) paper, shrink wrap decreases packaging cost by as much as up to 60 - 75 % or even more.
  • Very economical in comparison to corrugated material.
  • Less material is needed, thus reduce cost and Low cost of shipment, end-product disposal and storage space.


  • Beverages (cans, glass, and plastic bottles)
  • Bottled water
  • Dairy shrink bundlers
  • Food and canned goods
  • Pharmaceutical, Health & beauty aids
  • Consumer good shrink bundler
  • Automotive & Industrial products
  • Products packed in bags, such as chemicals, cement, soil, peat, etc
  • Large & small household appliances
  • Packaging materials & paper
  • Building products like tiles, bricks, insulation material, etc


  • Thickness: 20 to 150 Microns (80 to 600 gauge)
  • Width: UP to 1450 mm (57 Inches).
  • High Slip:< 0.20
  • Medium Slip: 0.2 to 0.40
  • Low Slip: >0.40

Additional Information:

  • Being the Manufacturer, we guarantee you the Best Price Straight from the ISO 9002 Certified Factory.
  • Full Satisfaction. 100% Refund Guaranteed anytime. No question asked!
  • 10 Days Dispatch time for this product.
  • Attractive Catalogues for your products.
  • Very High-Quality International Standard
  • International Standard
  • Supplying to Over 200 Companies around world
  • Can be used in multiple marketplaces
  • Value for Money
  • Chose High Quantity to save on Cost
  • What you see is what you Pay
  • 100% Refund guaranteed on Non-Satisfaction
  • Fast Delivery to all Corners of India.
  • We are happy to serve you small Quantities, we always promote simplicity for Sellers.
  • Consistent Quality always. You do not have to worry about the Quality
  • We don't charge anything Extra. No hidden Costs.
  • Prompt 24 x 7 Customer care support 1800 270 7225. Feel free to Call anytime.
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Size 24 MM - 1.0 Inch
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