Stand Up Pouches

Buy Stand Up Pouches From India’s Largest Wholesaler and Suppliers at Best Manufacturer Rates and at the Best Qualities

What makes Packman Packaging made Stand Up Pouches the best in India?

At Packman Packaging, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers, ecommerce, FMCGs and small size businesses can choose from a variety of best Stand Up Pouches.

Packman Packaging provides you a wide range of stand-up pouches for food packaging in clear and solid colors, glossy and matt finishes, and choice of materials. The one side clear and other side solid option combines the best of both worlds. Built-in oval or strip windows let the buyers take a peek at what is inside. Opt from a variety of functional enhancements like re-closable zippers, degassing valves, tear notches and hang holes to suit your style.

Packman Packaging helps you creating your own custom bags.

Packman Packaging made Stand Up Pouches are ideal for products that will be positioned on retail shelving. Packman Packaging’s design team have created a huge range of stock stand up pouches to give an idea of what is possible in their pouch gallery. Packman Packaging offers stock stand up pouches in various color effects like matt, shiny, glossy and other several colors. Packman Packaging pouches has superior grade materials like metalized polyester, BOPP, brown paper, white paper etc.

Packman Packaging is presently the largest suppliers of Stand-Up Pouches to Indian food and pharmaceutical industries. For utmost customer satisfaction Packman also provides both online and 24x7 helpline numbers Packman also promises of 100% refund guarantee on their product to ensure complete customer satisfaction.