Corrugated Fitments

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Packman Packaging specially design partitions and boxes to help secure your item from costly damage. Corrugated partitions are particularly suited to pack fragile contents and offer extra strength. They add stacking strength to boxes and help keep product count proper. These partitions provide complete safety to the products packed and are also easily affordable. These partitions are made with attention to intricate details.

Packman makes it from corrugated cardboard or solid board, packaging fitments are designed to fit for purpose.

It provides an integrated protective packaging solution. They assure helpless or fragile products remain free from damage by keeping them fixed inside the exterior case through the supply chain.

Fitments can be used in addition to your existing cases to create additional stability without having to incur origination costs for new cases.

Corrugated Box Fitments and Partitions: 

Packman Packaging are the pioneer manufacturers and suppliers of corrugated box fitments and partitions in India. Backed by strong manufacturing and logistic strength, Packman Packaging manufacturers ’s corrugated fitments for versatile shaped and sized independent fittings, which are used for compact packaging.  

The corrugated box fitments and partitions act as partitions inside the boxes which help in meticulous packaging of the product so that the product is secure from being damaged or else. These fittings act as cushions for the product so that they can’t move inside the box in transit and keep the product absolutely safe and secure.  

These fitments and partitions are available at best manufacturer price and due Packman’s strong logistic strength, the corrugated box fitments get delivered to customers across India within 1-9 days time.

So feel free and order corrugated box fitments and partitions as per your Custom Size Requirements.

Additional Information:  

Ample Satisfaction. 100%  Guaranteed Refund anytime. No questions asked !!.

  • 7 Days Dispatch time for this product.
  • Packaging Costs - Less material required for better protection.
  • Damage Reduction - eliminates the need to ship replacement products in additional packaging materials.
  • Specifications as per E-commerce international online Guidelines Consistent Quality always. You do not have to worry about the Quality
  • International Standardised boxes.
  • Being the Manufacturer we guarantee you the Best Price Straight from the ISO 9002 Certified Factory.
  • Longer Lasting Protection – Your precious product is protected in transportation. Reduced 
  • Source Reduction - provides better protection using less packaging materials.
  • Flexible Cover Packing Material package for packaging cartons boxes
  • Highly Recommended for E-Commerce Companies and industries.
  • Just Pack and Ship. Very convenient and Easy to use.
  • We are happy to serve you small Quantities, We always promote simplicity for Sellers.
  • Supplying to Over 200 Companies around world.
  • 100% recyclable: Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible
  • GST Invoice Available
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Color Pink
Size 24 MM - 1.0 Inch
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