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Packman Packaging manufactured Foldable/collapsible/Nail-less plywood boxes is part of its unique offering. Packman Packaging supplies wide range of foldable boxes in terms of sizes, strength and durability. These boxes are made by using plywood and particularly designed metal strip at edges. Metal edges provides added reinforcement to plywood and act as potent hinges. These boxes are quite easy and quick to assemble and dissemble, eventually saving lot of cost in terms of shipping and storage.

  • Suitable for variety of applications, from light to heavy, hazardous, acid, sensitive
  • Low weight and few spaces save shipping costs.
  • Takes less store space and easy to store and stack.
  • Metal edges of galvanized steel gives extra strength and durability
  • Compliance to international phytosanitary norms for export consignments.
  • Custom sizes as per client requirements.
  • Branding, printing, logo can be done on box.
  • Customised accessories like handles, hinges, latches can be fitted.
  • Compatible for UN standard hazardous packaging needs.
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