Biodegradable Bags

Available On Request

Packman Packaging is currently a leader in the industry as far as the manufacturing and supplying the biodegradable bags. Packman Packaging’s innovative methods makes it top ranked supplier of biodegradable bags across India.

Being a genuine plastic bags manufacturing company, Packman Packaging. has come long way towards safety of environment and started manufacturing of biodegradable bags, which is further used to manufacture bags for collection of garbage and shopping purposes. Packman Packaging made bags are 100% biodegradable

Packman Packaging’s biodegradable bags are known for their long shelf-life and compatibility with FDA and EC Food contact regulations. In producing biodegradable plastic bags, Packman Packaging use only certified additives that are non-toxic in nature and harmless to humans, animals and plants.

Based in Greater Noida, the company is now supplying its range of biodegradable bags to several nations. Packman Packaging take custom orders with option of size, printing and handle. If one is an end user, distributor or whole seller and looking for biodegradable plastic bags Packman Packaging will be happy to serve all.

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