Compostable bags

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Packman Packaging is now an established top-notch player in the packaging industry as far as the supplying the compostable bags are concerned. Packman Packaging’s innovative technic and its consistent effort toward maintaining greener earth makes it highest ranked producer of compostable bags.

What makes Packman Packaging’s made compostable bags the best?

With Packman Packaging’s compostable bags it totally aim on hygiene, ease of use and durability. They keep kitchen corners and bins clean, leading to noticeably less problem of unpleasant smells and insects. When emptying the bins, the bags slide out with the waste inside the truck. All Packman Packaging made compostable bags are avail from renewable, natural materials. And they are completely compostable in industrial composting facilities. As a matter of fact, they all carry the OK Compost-logo. smaller bags are also home compostable displaying OK Compost HOME. That way, all its bags finally return to nature. Packman Packaging will provide you the compostable bags in every possible size as per the requirement for both homes based and industry-based customers. The prices for these bags the best in the market.

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