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Buy Custom Pizza Box, Cake Box, Bakery Packaging from Manufacturer

Packman Packaging has now emerged as one of the best and biggest supplier and manufacturers of food packaging. Packman Packaging’s food packaging is of the highest quality and is can survive every weather condition. Packman Packing provides a large range of food packaging for all kinds of brands and eatable products.

Why Packman Packaging’s Food packaging is top ranked?

At Packman Packaging FMCG, food and beverage companies are sure to get the best quality of food packaging.

With years working with top businesses in the food industry, Packman Packaging knows business inside out.

Packman Packaging is a manufacturer of cardboard food packaging, as usually found on the shelves of all of major supermarkets. Packman Packaging cardboard food packaging brings products to life.

These are equipped to print UV based inks and coatings for the most hygienic food cartons.

Cake Boxes

Don’t know where to get cake boxes? Packman Packaging have cake boxes for almost every size of cake that will impress the customers, family or friends. Packman Packaging have a large variety of designs and several of them are suitable for sending to other towns or cities. The boxes are made out of cardboard; both recycled and non-recycled.

Packman Packaging cake boxes are available in multiple colours and finishes. These boxes are good enough to keep your cakes fresh for longer duration.

Cup Cake And Donut Boxes

Packman Packaging’s cup cake and donut boxes are made from best quality, food grade card that is also completely recyclable and biodegradable. The card Packman Packaging uses is made of sustainable materials without any harmful coating or chemicals. And those boxes are made and stored in hygienic factory conditions so bakery companies rest assured that the contents of those boxes are fully safe from harm and damage, and there will be no harmful effects for their customers.

People also, want the products to look as good as they taste and Packman Packaging’s windowed cake boxes are great for presentation as well as storage and transit.

Chocolate Box

At Packman Packaging there is a big range of chocolate boxes. Packman Packaging’s chocolate box range is offered in several colors and shades. Allowing the chocolates be the star of this packaging with clear lids. The bases are made flat and the clear plastic lids come assembled. These particular boxes also include a removable insert.

Chocolates are delicate product that need to be packaged and presented with great pride. If anyone is wondering for packaging that deserves to protect your chocolates, check out Packman Packaging’s array of chocolate boxes. If there is any logo or artwork design in mind, send it over to Packman Packaging and it will be more than happy to work it in. Chocolate boxes are also available online.

Macaron Box

The Packman Packaging made macaron box manages the hard juggling between price and performance, maximized value in the bakery ledger with the breeze of elegance your macarons deserve in their presentation.

Keep the cookies in boxes, windowed or not windowed, monochromatic mating of drawer & sleeve or mixed and matched color combinations. Packman Packaging is a perfect platform for the embellishment in a style that can also stand proudly on its own.

Pizza Box

Packman Packaging, is equally careful about the choices it makes when manufacturing pizza boxes. Packman Packaging deliver foodservice containers that meets the topmost quality and food safety standards.

As the most preferred supplier to many national, regional, and local chains, Packman Packaging’s unique manufacturing processes with inline pre-print, corrugating, and die-cutting provides a wide selection of pizza and foodservice products to keep the products fresh.

In the end, pizza box does more than just delivering pizza, it also delivers the brand message. Packman Packaging helps clients by adding with custom graphics and printing. Packman Packaging lead the industry with experience in pizza box manufacturing and it has solutions to meet everyday demands.