Customer experience can be described as the interaction between the customer and the business entity. This interaction can be in many forms such as TV / radio ads, printed posters, billboards, etc. One of the most important and often overlooked aspect of customer experience is the product packaging. While many companies will try to force their advertising message down your throat through non stop TV ads or re-marketing campaigns on the internet, they fail to grasp the subdued yet immensely effective and intimate influencing power of a products packaging.

Why Product Packaging affects Customer Experience

In this age of Social Media, the purchasing decisions of consumers are influenced more by whats on Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc and less by company ads which keep repeating their age old formulas. Customers want authentic, genuine and un-paid honest reviews & product experience stories without any hidden agenda. At the same time, companies have been able to tap into social media to improve their interactions with the customers. Everything from redressing customer grievances to creating a friendly vibe with customers  can be achieved using social media. Some businesses have adapted and utilised social media to enhance their customer experience.

Product packaging is a key factor in enhancing customer experience. A company on its own won’t go around claiming its packaging is fantastic, But a consumer who was happy with the product packaging will. Product packaging provides a practical shipping solution, helps promote the brand and turns consumers into brand advocates & ambassadors. The right product packaging can help offset many of the deficiencies that may arise in the purchasing process.  Good product packaging builds good will with the customer thereby reducing the negative impact of any shipment delays or lapses in customer service.

Why Companies need to pay more attention to product packaging – Especially Start Ups

Good product packaging creates a thrill of anticipation in the customers mind to un-box their purchase and creates a lasting and positive customer experience. Some companies believe that packaging is insignificant and simply discarded by the customer. The Real truth is that Product Packaging is a company’s signature or calling card. If executed correctly, its effects are more personal for the consumer, longer lasting and more effective than OOH, TV or radio ads, which are considerably more expensive.

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Packaging can help differentiate and advocate your brand . It can give you the edge against competitors whether your a giant conglomerate or a new entry into the market.  Packman Packaging is an industry leader at designing experiences for customers & businesses  through our comprehensive packaging solutions. Contact the Packman.