About: Gaurav Jalan, CEO & Director, Packman Packaging

Nickname: Gaurav Jalan, CEO & Director, Packman Packaging
Name: Gaurav Jalan
Mr. Gaurav Jalan is the Founder and Director of Packman Packaging, one of the largest Indian packaging company that has been serving some of the world’s eminent technology, pharmaceutical, retail, fast-moving consumer goods, food, courier, publication, Jewellery, fashion, e-commerce organizations for the past 30 years.A brilliant academic, a good graphic designer and a graduate from India’s top management institutes, Mr. Jalan is a visionary businessman and an eminent spokesperson on matters related to the Indian Packaging industry.  He has witnessed and as well as participated in the growth process of India’s packaging industry’s that was few billions dollar market in 2010, grew into USD 31 billion in 2015 and is expected to turn$72 billion by 2020.Under the leadership of Mr Gaurav Jalan, Packman.co.in (Packman’s official website) became India’s first e-commerce store for packaging solutions in the year 2002 (5 years before Flipkart was launch).In years 2003-2005, when the majority of Indian packaging companies were primarily focused on their revenue and operations, Packman under Mr Jalan’s leadership has started using eco-friendly and recycled packaging raw materials.Today, Packman Packaging manufactures more than one lakhs of corrugated rolls, corrugated boxes, high quality bubble sheets, safety/courier bags and more from it state of art manufacturing unit, located in Delhi NCR region. The manufacturing unit uses some of the world’s most advanced packaging material manufacturing machinery with world’s best printing technology that ensures Packman’s customers get fast and efficient delivery, high-quality brand representation through their product packaging.