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Corrugated Boxes, often called cardboard boxes, are the lifeline of the e-commerce industry. Everyone today has at one point in their life purchased something online. For some, its a daily routine and for others its more of a once in a month impulse. There is no denying the fact though that our civilisation is quickly moving towards a completely online digital marketplace environment where everything and anything can be purchased with a click of single button. With the widespread availability of the internet and rapid adoption of smart phones and shopping apps, it is only inevitable that e-commerce is the future of shopping as we know it.

Redefining Home Delivery with Corrugated Boxes

When one thinks of online shopping, the first thing that comes to mind is home delivery, and how one can sit in the comfort of their home / work and their product will be delivered to them. Today everything from electronics to clothing, jewellery to books, daily groceries to large industrial equipment’s can be purchased online and shipped to the customer within a few days or even just a few hours.  Whats revolutionary is the ways that companies have found to transport their product to your doorstep – securely, quickly and with zero damage to the product.  All of this has been possible thanks to the advent of the corrugated box and the versatility of this marvellous packaging material.

Corrugated Boxes – The ultimate packaging solution

Corrugated boxes come in multiple degrees of hardness, which makes them ideal for shipping everything from fragile glass work to durable cable wiring. They can be custom sized and shaped to cater to every industry from Pizza delivery cartons to large screen LCD’s. Corrugated boxes can also be easily printed on unlike other packaging materials, which means each company can design their own unique branding, logo and look to their product package which resonates with their brand image and promise. from a shipping and logistics point of view, corrugated boxes are sturdy and durable. They can be manufactured in the perfect dimensions to minimise logistics costs and still provide a great look for the product.

In this e commerce era, a product and company are judged not just by the value their product provides, but also the emotions it invokes in the customer. Corrugated boxes are the perfect first touch point for companies and customers to evoke the right emotion and provide utility as well.

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