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Research suggests that more than half of global consumers prefer packaging that is sustainable and would reduce the carbon footprint on our planet. If you really care about what you eat, then you must also care about what it comes in. From dead insects in your cereal box to microplastics in your favourite French fries, is modern life poisoning us? Believe it or not, even your favourite latte comes in paper cups coated with plastic that prevents the coffee from leaking thereby posing a serious health hazard.

So, should we stop buying packaged food? No, we can’t! Whether we buy food from a grocery store or an eatery or order online, food is always artificially encased. Thus, before buying, we must choose packaging that is sustainable and environment-friendly in all aspects.

Kraft paper is now a popular choice for packaging industries for its several benefits. Let us find out those benefits/ advantages in this article.

It is eco-friendly:  Kraft paper being more sustainable and biodegradable than normal paper, is the preferred choice for packaging industries worldwide. From grocery and shopping bags to multiwall shipping sacks, or plain wrapping paper, Kraft paper has many uses. Since Kraft paper can be recycled up to seven times thus reducing the carbon footprint by almost 65%, it is the favourite packaging material for the food sector and is used to pack flour, sugar, dried fruits and vegetables, bread bags, cheese wrappers, etc.

kraft paper food packaging manufacturer in India

It is highly durable: The word ‘kraft’ in German means strong. True to its name, Kraft paper is more durable than regular paper and is ideal for shipping as it can withstand wear and tear while travelling long distances. It is perfect for industrial and heavy-duty applications as it can tolerate moisture, heat and rough handling. From heavy products like electronics to delicate jewellery, it is a perfect packaging material. Despite being incredibly strong, it still retains a certain degree of breathability, which is vital for some products.

It is lightweight: Being lightweight, kraft paper packages are easy to transport thereby reducing transportation costs as it does not need to go through additional testing to pass customs.

It is beautiful naturally: This humble brown paper with its natural, wood-like texture has won the heart of consumers. For those brands that believe ‘less is more’, kraft paper is an ideal choice for them. It can be easily customised by adjusting the degree of bleaching to provide various colour options to customers. Natural kraft paper, for instance, is used as disposable tabletops, customisable doggy bags and tear-off menus in restaurants.

It is economical: It is the most cost-effective option compared to plastic and other alternative packaging materials. It is evident that with its versatile nature, kraft paper is going to change the future of the packaging industry.