E-commerce is getting bigger and better day by day. And that is itself a huge challenge for several small sized businesses. You have all seen how e-commerce businesses put so much of emphasis on the packaging, the very same you too can employ creative packaging for your small business.

Packman Packaging India’s top manufacturer and supplier for packaging boxes several Indian e-commerce and small sized businesses share some creative packaging ideas for your business that could boost your brand.

Play using patterns

Patterns are simple, flexible, and remarkable. Simple in ways of design since you just need one layout which must look good repetitively. Flexible because you can use it as a layout for all your product dimensions. Remarkable because it follows a psychological approach to brand reinforcement. Hopefully, the next time you get to see a green dot, it will remind you of a famous doughnut brand.

Blank design is also a design

Simplicity equals elegance. This is a general concept in design and layout. Let your product speak for itself and take it lightly on the packaging. Something like the gold stamping that complements the overall look of the box and provides it a classy finish. The texture of the box will also evoke elegance.

Use texture

The feel of your product in the customers’ hands must make them want to go home with your product immediately. This packaging that debosses a letter from its brand name and leaves a lasting visual impression. The next time you think about that specific letter on the packaging, you will remember a name. Each product type also has several hues or shades, making you want to obtain all of them.


Color brightness and contrast are important to stand out on the shelves. Color psychology is followed in this packaging principle. For example, a background color makes the dark text easier to read. This practice lets easier reading for your consumers, so they will not have a difficult time getting to know your product.

Make it sustainable

Sustainable packaging is not only becoming a trend but also a way of life. With this practice, you are doing good for the planet and reducing down costs for your consumers since they can reuse your packaging in whatever manner they want. Not just, is it cute but it is also versatile and useful.

Definitely, there are more than five ways to pack your products, and branding creatively does not stop here. You also have to find a reliable packaging service such as Packman Packaging that you can trust and partner with to help you maintain your brand and reputation.