Using a heavy wooden crate to transport a pair of contact lenses will obviously be a ludicrous wastage of money, but you might be surprised at how other shipping inefficiencies add up over time. Several companies are unaware of just how much unnecessary spending occurs within their shipping department.

Identifying the correct packaging supplies for each product line can lower weight and postage expense, while better protecting products during shipment. Adding eco-friendly packaging supplies can actually boost sales.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan Founder, and Director of India’s top packaging company Packman Packaging Private Limited talks about ways to lower your costs with packaging supplies.

Best-Fit Packaging Supplies

To be economical and relevant, packaging supplies should be individually suited to each product. Properly sized corrugated boxes lower waste and the risk of damage. Right-sized packaging supplies also decreases the need for excess fill. When shopping for packaging supplies, be certain to find a supplier who can provide boxes of exactly the proper size for each product. There is no one-single-fits-all in the world of shipping, no matter how low the price tag might be.

Lightweight Protection

Using lightweight fill materials to balance and protect products during shipment can greatly reduce shipping costs. Kraft paper, loose fill peanuts, and newsprint can do little to add weight as they secure and stabilize. Cardboard, foam corners and edge protectors are lightweight yet add solid protection for valuable products. Even air can be used to cushion products while shipment, adding no weight at all!

Cash In On The Green

Today’s environmental mindfulness leads several consumers to buy products that are packaged in eco-friendly materials. Honeycomb sheets, biodegradable poly bags, Kraft paper, and eco-friendly packing list envelopes all make a big statement to your customers that you care about nature. Biodegradable loose fill availed from corn starch offers the added benefit of being static-free

Explore Your Options

There are various companies that provide packaging supplies. They are not created equal and the difference can have a huge effect on your profit margin. Buying packaging supplies from your local office supply outlet is generally not in your best interest. Big online companies are able to pass on economies of scale that small companies or firms with higher overhead cannot. Heightened volume garners bigger discounts, making them reduce your net cost.

Decrease shipping costs by choosing the best size box for every product, using high quality, lightweight fill, appealing to the environmental market with biodegradable packaging supplies and by creating a long term business relationship with a reputable source of packaging supplies.