Pizza boxes play a vital role in the fast-food industry. The box is responsible for safe transport and delivery of the pizzas and by pizza safety during transit – it involves keeping the pizza toppings intact, withstand the pizza weight, the box could easily be packed, and so on.

However, the entrepreneur’s attention to the right pizza box should not end with finding the right packaging box rather it’s important to identify the huge marketing potential of the box– to support brand awareness and enhance customer engagement.

According to Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd, India’s leading food packaging and pizza box manufacturers say, “pizza box design demands innovation and creativity about what can you add to or re-invent in the existing design to get customers to engage with your brand instead of passively looking past your printed logo and location contact info?”

Mr. Jalan shares in this blog shares some great pizza box packaging designing tips for entrepreneurs who are eager to make their pizzeria a local hit and want to capture a good share in the pizza market.

Pizza box should be an Eyecatcher: 

It’s important that your pizza box must grab eyeballs hence try to use on-trend hues paired with bold graphics and punchy messages of wit or the wisdom that holds power to get customers’ attention.

Use clippers

Who doesn’t like to save a few rupees? A flyer bearing money-off-your-next-purchase coupons is amazingly popular with customers. One could even use the offers to boost traffic to your business’ website or social media platforms — just pop a savings code sticker on your box tops that, when entered online gives users with a “mystery savings” discount good on a near-future order.

Mind games and Puzzles

Kids and teenagers are strong purchase decision-makers and market influencers for pizzas. And, there is something irresistible about the old school pencil and paper games like Tic-Tac-Toe, a simple word search or match the dot cartoons – are something that neither kids nor adults can resist. Placing attractive paper games can surely make your brand stand apart from its competitors and can go along way in establishing brand engagement.

News Updates 

Make a flyer displaying updates about and events at your pizzeria to stick on the pizza box. A printed piece that is separate from the pizza box is price-effective and makes it a snap to switch out as your news changes.

If your pizza business is looking for customized pizza boxes or are looking for design services for your pizza boxes then Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd is there to help you get those services. Packman Packaging has a dedicated team of designing experts who will be helping you to achieve the desired designing concepts for your pizza boxes.