The evolution of the packaging techniques for your online store is not easy. As they say, it is all in the details. All those small choices you have to make up to a strong packaging strategy, one that benefits you, your team, and your customers if you do it correctly. It certainly takes work and decisiveness but it does not have to be difficult. Understand your business and your product, and you will know your packaging requirements in no time.

In this blog, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s eminent packaging manufacturing company Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd talks about important e-commerce packaging tips for your buyer’s orders.

Know Your Product And Its Requirements

Have a look at your product. Knowing its measurements and weight are essential, but you must also take note of its construction. Is it specifically vulnerable in 1 place, or fragile usually? Ensure you shore up those areas, or bundle it in additional bubble cushion wrap. Does it require to remain completely dry or be kept cooler than room temperature? Poly mailers or insulating materials could be your saving grace, respectively. Not every shipment is similar, so take stock of its particular requirements.

Select The Proper Shipping Carton

It is said a lot, and it is completely true, not every shipment requires a box. Mailer envelopes have become a good alternative to corrugated boxes, usually combining shipping carton and void fill in one. They are particularly useful for smaller items that do not need the space of a cube. That said, for those products that do require the space of a box, it is suitable to ship in brand new ones. They would not have dents or rips that compromise its strength, and it will look much better and cleaner to the buyer.

Seal It Well

This is a huge thing, and you might be amazed at how many online stores gloss over this. Sealing up a buyer’s order makes sure it not only prevents being tampered with but that it even reaches your customer’s door in the first place. The discount tape is not much of a bargain if your boxes are opening in the middle of their journey. Quality packing tape is always a good thing to start, and from there, opt for a tape that satisfies your shipment’s requirements. Does it require security and privacy? A water-activated tape is a good option, while the tamper-evident tape is a potent deterrent. It is transiting in very low temperatures? The cold-weather tape has the adhesive made to stay sealed and strong even in freezing climes.

Twice Check The Address

Customers can do mistakes when typing, and sometimes even the finest computer programs run into bugs or errors. Always confirm customer addresses so their shipments are not delayed, or land up somewhere else, or get back to you. Nothing damages customer confidence and loyalty like a simple delivery error that makes them wait several additional days for their product.