Designing a cardboard box might appear easy enough, but it asks much more than one would imagine. The perfect box does not only look fantastic but is also quite practical. To ensure you do not ignore any crucial features, this post intends to share about the most important boxes designers need to consider as per Mr. Gaurav Jalan Founder and Director of Delhi/NCR’s leading packaging company Packman Packaging Private Limited.

Keep Performance In Mind

One thing there certainly you never want to come up with a great look and then get yourself redesigning the structure of the cardboard box in a later part. This is why one should consider structure from the starting. Ask yourself the following things:

·         Should there be a cascade to provide customers a glimpse of the product inside?

·         If the product is made of separate parts, does your box need straps or divisions?

·         Is the object part of a line? Does your box require to stick to a particular look?

·         Does the box give space for pre-determined artworks or logos?

·         Are the boxes going to be filled manually or automatically?

·         Do the boxes suppose to fit on precise shelving units?

The above questions are some of the questions that can have an impact on the design and structure of the box.

Designing The Appropriate Cardboard Box For Your Brand

Once you have identified all the practical features, it is time to decide what type of box best suits the brand you are designing for. Normally, there are 3 types of boxes to opt from. Folding boxes, corrugated boxes, and rigid boxes. Folding boxes are made from thin paperboard and easy to flatten, ship and store. Rigid boxes are consisted of heavier chipboard covered with a thin wrap. They are shipped completely set up and are majorly used for luxury products. A corrugated box is a go-to alternative for heavy products. This kind of box is made of cardboard sheets with flatliners on the sides and fluted materials in the center.

Discuss With Your Manufacturer

Before you begin on the graphic design, discuss it with your manufacturer for inspiration. After all, different manufacturers provide different kinds of boxes. What is better, packaging suppliers know accurately which substances, colors, and embellishments are practical and good to go for your particular design.