When the entire world is reeling under the climate crisis, sustainability is no longer a fancy word. It is the need of the hour. Businesses around the world are embracing sustainability to reduce their carbon footprint thereby shaping a waste-free future. Consumers nowadays are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging as they are aware of the harmful effects of plastic packaging.

This article from Packman Packaging, India’s top manufacturer of corrugated boxes will help you choose the right sustainable packaging for your products. Here are a few factors to consider before you begin your search.

1. Compatibility with your product: Perhaps the most important point to note is if the packaging is apt for your product. It should not only look good externally but must be able to hold the product well. The customer need not struggle while unboxing the items.

2. Durability of the packaging material: While choosing the right packaging material, one must invest in durable quality that will secure the products as they move through the supply chain. Companies would certainly not want their products to spoil in transit just because of inferior packaging material. It might be an expensive proposition. But it is worth every penny as it is cheaper to invest in strong, tamper-proof packaging well in advance than to replace damaged shipments over and over.

3. Stick with Standard Shapes & Sizes: Don’t overdo it! While unique shapes and sizes might look attractive, it is not worth the additional cost and challenges involved during the manufacturing process. Thus, it is better to stick to standard shapes and sizes that will reduce the cost of storage, handling and transportation.

4. Less is more: In this era of minimalism, less is more. Today’s eco-conscious consumers are happy with small and compact packages. Thus, companies need to understand how much packaging is actually needed thereby striking a balance between practical and sustainable.

5. Design to enhance brand identity: The first impression is indeed the last impression. That is why companies must invest in a great packaging design, both in materials and graphics to enhance the brand identity. The right kind of graphics will undoubtedly catch the eye of the target consumer. This will help companies boost sales and improve their bottom line tremendously.

Last but not least, sustainability is no longer a buzzword. It has become an industry standard now. More consumers are choosing brands based on their sustainability index. Hence, it is obvious that companies will have to consider sustainable packaging as the only option to stay ahead of their competitors.