You all know how fast your heart would start pumping as you carefully remove those precious jewels from your display counter, and keep them inside cloth pouches. Fear and worries of malpractices would capture your mind as you check question papers made by your esteemed university before placing them inside ordinary courier pouches. And also, an established brand selling high-value electronic products in the market, you could end up worrying too much about product counterfeits trying to harm your image. Isn’t it the case? The reality is no.

In this article Mr. Gaurav Jalan Founder, and Director of Delhi/NCR’s top packaging company Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd tells about securing your belongings with security envelopes.

Security Is The New Trend

If you are opting to safely and securely keep handling or courier precious products, sensitive documents having confidential nature or high value branded products, relax and be grateful because you have security envelopes.

Made from premium quality LDPE material, with great seam strength, security envelopes do exactly what their name suggests. Based on your requirements these security envelopes can be customized with twin seals on any corner to stop tampering from the sides, a hot adhesive peel having the word VOID that makes tampering impossible, or even with a unique sequential numbering and a bar-coding choice for greater control and the simplicity of tracking.

The Security Passage

If one is an online jeweler, you can now go and get some calmness knowing that your valuables are transiting in security envelopes. Cheating will remain a distant dream for those who try to steal the exam papers. With the choice of invariably strong and durable gold loan pouches having perforations and pre-glue strips, even banking and financial organizations are taking this safe and secure alternative for record-keeping. These security envelopes, available in several dimensions, are also a safe bet for logistics businesses dealing in products of several shapes, sizes and value ranges.

Security For Everyone

These high-security envelopes are available in several colors, depending on the nature of the business and product. Custom printing can also be done on these security envelopes. In all, they are very reliable security for your products.