For several brands, packaging design is an integral aspect of the product. In 2022 packaging trends here is the analysis of the underlying motifs that will characterize design and packaging this year.

A brief look at 2021

But what were the relevant packaging trends in 2021? Let us begin the list with the beloved and powerful geometric designs. The impact of regularity, creativity, and chromatic prowess of geometries has risen in 2021. We could define it as the perfect blend of classic and modern design: intriguing and memorable at the same time. Then it came to some witty packaging fusion. Fun packaging creations take heterogenous aspects including bold colors, illustrations, and designs, and blend them in a manner that assists present the product. In simple words the later becomes an integral part of the package.

Then, the gradients were there, those definitely lend a fresh touch and provide surprising depth to the quite simple and basic design. Later on, the finishes were made using golden and silver foil.

Trends to follow in 2022

Mr Jalan says 2022 will have certain elements to the packaging trends.

Through this write-up, Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top corrugated box manufacturer share some prominent trends that would be visible this year.


As you know the importance and centrality of sustainable packaging for some time now. Now that global warming and sustainable progress are at the core of the international forum’s agendas, there is no step taken back. On the one side, you have recyclable packaging, while on another a sustainable strategy that hugely influences consumers. You must certainly get ready.  

The retro

Design based on retro has resurfaced in recent years. However, nostalgia is hugely making the headlines.

You are seeing a change in collective values. Actually, people are nostalgic regarding the past, they look for a return to traditions, and they aspire of a more frugal lifestyle. Brands have instantly noticed this emerging shift and are asking creators to rediscover the origins of their most classic creations. Thus, it is believed it is perhaps for rather familiar packages to re-emerge on store shelves this year.

Lively colors

As much as many loved the rise of pastel colors during the years 2020 and 2021, now is the time for something extra courageous and challenging. Psychologists say that colors impact our mood. This is perhaps why consumers and businesses seem to evoke feelings of happiness and optimism. Even more ever since the last two years have given us a lot of troubled times.

Bright and saturated colors in packaging attract attention to the product. As the market grows, it is essential for companies to sustain their presence on the shelves by attempting to win new customers, while retaining the present ones. We foresee the use of several more colors and hues linked with bare minimal graphics so that the eye is instantly captured. This trend continues the minimalist model of recent years while introducing a more daunting color palette to inject certain confidence into the market.


This point will appear a bit trivial to you because any packaging must be functional, right?

Specifically, in the health and beauty sectors, certain brands are looking to eliminate the “noise” in their design by making gray-scale and functional packaging showing merely the essential information. These products currently stand out thanks to their reality and earn the trust of consumers when compared to over-indulged graphic design. They have no jarring typefaces, false promises, or glittery colors.

If it suits your product, this method could prove completely effective for marketing. In fact, one thinks that more and more buyers will choose is functionality. Do not get your hopes up though, simple designs are mostly the hardest to achieve so make certain your creatives know accurately where you are going.