The packaging of any product is a big deal for every brand, and small jewelry businesses are gradually embracing this trend. It is risky to ignore this side of the business because it assists mold your brand reputation. However, there are many small businesses that are ready to compromise on aesthetics to reduce business costs and in doing so, have compromised on brand reputation, self-sabotaged sales, and left a negative impact.

Today Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd, India’s leading packaging company shares 3 jewelry packaging tips if you are an on-line seller.

Make Sure Your Jewelry Is Well Packaged By Investing In Top Packaging Materials

Investing in the best packaging materials is critical when packaging jewelry for transit. This is to make sure that your jewelry will reach safely to your buyer. The last thing you would want is to get notified by them showing you that the jewelry was damaged when it reached. This could cause big problems and would possibly result in the buyer asking for a refund or providing you a negative review.

To make sure your item is secured, consider think of the nature of your jewelry as some jewelry materials might require extra packaging than others. For example, beadworks and other lampwork jewelry pieces will require extra care when transported. Several small-business jewelry owners use bubble wraps or tissue paper while wrapping jewelry and then, placing it in zip locks or organza bags.

Provide A Glimpse Of Personalization

Personalization can brighten up the simplest jewelry boxes. Thus, ensure to add a sense of personal touch to brighten your customer’s eyes. It is also a good way to establish familiarity with your brand and catch their attention. Buyers are quite likely to go for brands they are already familiar with so do not slack in this department.

There are various ways to use personalization in packaging. Make your brand distinct by ensuring a well-coordinated method. It means that the colors, fonts, shapes, and other attributes you used are matching with each other as it will give your packaging look well-thought and professional. Some jewelers depend on stylish typography to make their logo stand out while others use handwritten thank you notes. Hot foil stamping is another popular way used in packaging. Hot foil stamping is a printing method that uses metal dies, pressure, heat, and foil film, which creates a visually attractive presentation of your design or logo.  One that can completely increase the luxury factor of your brand.

How Much Your Packaging Must Cost

Think about your packaging cost before you go bulk-purchasing packaging materials. Begin by asking for suggestions, recommendations, or pieces of information from other jewelers across jewelry forums and online stores. Once you gathered sufficient insights, continue by checking various jewelry packaging suppliers like Packman Packaging’s Jewellery Boxes.