If you are someone working or studying far away from home, you probably understand the hassles of temporary stays, a little too well. As much fun as the idea of getting to live in different parts of the city may sound, it is the part associated with “packing the house” that is a major concern.

If only you could crack the code of packing things effortlessly, life would be so much easier. Well, today seems to be your lucky day, for here is a no-nonsense guidebook on packing the house in a truly hassle-free manner: –

Get the Right Sort of Packing Boxes and Materials

If you wish to pack your belongings in a hassle-free manner, you have to know what things will help you achieve that goal. You do not want to re-do the packing over and over again, now do you? Large-sized corrugated packing boxes are generally considered best for moving your stuff in. They are sturdy, easily available, and spacious. You can comfortably pack a large variety of goods right from clothes, kitchenware to books and so on in these packing boxes.

What to Pack First

One of the biggest confusions that you will face when it comes to packing up and moving is “where to begin with”. Here’s the answer. There are many ways that you can go about packing up your house. You can either start packing room-wise or content-wise. It would however be smart to begin with packing things that you seem to useless. This could be decorations, cutlery sets, paintings or even books. The things that you require more frequently or use on a daily basis are the ones that you should pack a day or so before moving.

The manner in which you pack also determines how easy or tough unpacking your stuff and setting them up is going to be.

Know what to Carry and what to Leave Behind

Humans have a tendency to stock a lot of unnecessary stuff up, during the course of their stay. Chances are that the longer your duration of stay, the more fluff you have. So when you are packing your things up to move to a new place, you actually get a good opportunity to identify and do away with things you no longer need. Included in these things would be objects that are way past their expiry date, and things you hardly have a use for.

You can also be noble about it all, and donate things. You never know, what you may no longer need might be of use to someone else.

Prepare a Packing Box for your First Day

This is one point that a lot of people are unaware of or miss out upon, when packing and moving to someplace else. When you move to a new place and unless you have a lot of time at hand, chances are that you will not be unpacking all your stuff at the same time. It might even be a few days or weeks before you have properly set up the house.

This is exactly what calls for the preparation of a “first-day box”. Now understand that although it is called so, this box is meant to prepare you not just for your first day of arrival at your new location, but
also the next few days that follow. This box should contain a few pairs of comfortable clothing, including your daily essentials such as a toilet kit, a first aid kit, your laptop and chargers, and so on.

Now that you have the basics covered, here are a few tips to help you seal the deal like a pro: –

  • Seal all the packing boxes well with good-quality packing tapes
  • Colour-code or label packing boxes for easy identification
  • Pack lighter items in bigger boxes and heavier items in smaller boxes so that they are compact
  • Wrap breakables with eco-friendly wrapping paper and pack them separately

Now take a deep breath. You can do this.