Goods are delivered all around the world, and one of the key areas that can help make a product turn into instant success is the packaging. Once you get it wrong and the consequences could be drastic. Because after all, the first impression is the last impression these days. Remember that your customers’ experience with your brand is not just restricted to your online presence; it goes way beyond that. And before they even get an opportunity to see your product, what they will be met with is the box that the product arrives in.

Maybe it is a simple brown box with the company’s logo on it, or maybe it is an eye-catching, high-quality package with impressive designs. Irrespective of e-commerce merchants who wish for their brand to stand out must incorporate their business identity into each shipment.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder & Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Packaging talk about essential guide to choosing the correct shipping box for your product. Here they are.

1. Size And Structural Virtue

The first thing you must do get the size of your shipping box correct to avoid a series of problems. Using too large a box will only turn out in excess shipping charges for the space that it covers, whereas selecting a small shipping box can cause the product to get damaged by the time the package reaches the destination.

Your box size needs to be precisely matched the product that you are shipping, with an additional room to add protective fillers. Keep three inches of padding in your shipping boxes as this will help protect items which could be damaged by daily handling (scuff marks, dirt, labels).

If you are selling covertly shaped products, opt for shipping boxes that accommodate each of them. What you place around and inside the box all play a key role in minimizing the impact of transit. By adding sufficient polystyrene foam ensures that your boxes are correctly labeled, as it will go a long distance in protecting your product.

While the structural virtue of your box must also be perfect at the beginning of the shipping process. There is a wide array of kinds, weights, and strengths of boxes to select from, along with a variety of shipping supplies, cushioning materials, and proper labeling.

2. Good Ability To Travel

Apart from getting the correct box, your shipping boxes need to be strong enough to travel from one point to another with no or minimal damage. If your products are fragile or bulky, you will have to pay attention to materials that are particularly designed for strength. On the other hands, if your products are simply going to be sitting on the store shelves, then you should need to focus more on the exterior display; this is where a high-quality print finish like a UV-treated, liquid-based, high-gloss the coating, will be a viable option.

Actually, it costs more to replace damaged products than spending on sufficient packaging protection. For products that are a little more heavy-duty, shipping boxes made from a hard-bearing thing like a corrugated board is a great option since it offers incredible support.

3. Material

The way you wouldn’t want to make a house that cannot survive all-weather (think extreme summer, rain or winter). Similarly, you wouldn’t also want your products to be kept in the boxes made of wrong material either. When selecting the quantity, (the thickness or weight) of your shipping box material, you need to consider what is ideal for your product.

4. Corrugated

This flexible yet robust material is great for heavy or fragile items, e-commerce packages, shipping cartons, and subscription boxes.

5. Paperboard

It is a lightweight material that provides fantastic printing results and is good for dairy, food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, and cosmetic products.

6. Design

The appearance of your box will depend on the version you pick. Eco mailer boxes are the rawest and most natural alternative and make a good minimalist option. It will attract attention to detail, like a short catchy phrase or a logo.

You need to make your shipping boxes more memorable, and you can do that by applying branded colors, imagery, or by placing elements of your business. Customized boxes that appeal to your buyers can also improve brand awareness and leave a long-lasting effect.