Your customer’s experience with your business isn’t just limited to your online presence; it extends to the in-person experience with your business’s product. If you are running an e-commerce business, the first thing they will see is the box it comes in.

It could be a plain brown box or a printed bag, and can even carry another’s company logo on it. But as an e-commerce merchant which wants to differentiate itself from the others, these boxes must include the brand’s identity within every shipment. Many e-commerce business use packaging to get lifelong customers. You can easily retain customers by using branded boxes instead of plain generic ones.

Here are top three considerations for selecting custom branded printed bags, boxes, etc.

1. Choose the Right Box Size

If you use too large a box, you run the risk of being over-charged by shipping carriers due to the space it takes up. At the same time, choosing a box too small can cause the product to be damaged during the transit. The size of your box or the printed bag should be the size of the item you are shipping, with a little buffer to add protective fillers.

Consider different order scenarios. Like:

  • If you sell different items of varying sizes, each will need its own box/printed bag, or will a standard packaging box work?
  • If you sell through an e-tailer, would it need e-tailer branded packaging, like Flipkart bags?

2. Make It Memorable

You can easily create a consistent and cohesive brand experience through packaging. You just need to include your brand, its colours, logo, imagery, etc. Custom printed box and packaging like printed packaging, etc. can appeal to your customer base, enhancing brand awareness and creating a lasting impression on your customers. In fact, if the packaging is good, the customer may hold on to it and repurpose it for some other purpose.
There are other ways to add a personal touch, like a handwritten note or letter. This can be useful if you are a vendor on a site and are using the site’s packaging, like Flipkart bags for packing your goods. But this can usually be done when your business is small and handling fulfilment yourself. As your business grows, adding a handwritten note can become unsustainable.

3. Be Aware of Your Margins

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your boxes or printed bags look if the cost of getting them breaks the packaging budget. Using custom packaging is certainly expensive than using standard packing. So, always consider if the extra cost is worth it. If you are selling inexpensive items, a custom box or printed bag may not financially viable for your business. In such cases, you could opt for your e-tailer’s standard packaging, like the Flipkart bag/box, etc.</p.

You can factor the cost of custom packaging into the price of your products. Brand loyalists are often willing to pay more for a product they favour. This is especially true if the brand reinforces the identity they associate themselves with.

If your business has nothing generic about it, then your packaging shouldn’t be either. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily create an exclusive and branded experience for your customers. With the rise of digital and social media, there is an increasing number of happy customers who are sharing their unboxing experience. This shows how much your customers love your brand. Your printed bag/packaging can in fact become the deciding factor in your customer’s mind when it comes to purchasing from you again in the future.