With the presence of different types of packaging materials today, it becomes difficult to make the correct decision about which one to choose for packing up your product. Each packaging material has its own function, and choosing the right one is of supreme importance for the product to be delivered in a hassle-free manner. While preparing the package for it to be delivered, make sure you take into account its weight, strength, moisture and adverse situations it might face during the time it is taken to its destination. If you are confused as to which packaging material to use, you can always pack it in a strong packaging material. Here are some of the packaging materials and their uses so that you know which one to use at what time during the packaging of your product:

1. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are one of the most useful packaging materials in the market right now. They are made of air column rows constructed from corrugated paperboard. The reason these are made with columns is to give them more strength than the usual cardboard. This is achieved by making the air to provide a cushion for the packed items. Apart from this, these boxes have ridges inside of them that help in providing flexibility and strength in the packaging.

Corrugated boxes are most commonly used as shipping containers. By following a bracing and blocking scheme, these boxes protect fragile products on a wider level. The most common example of corrugated boxes is pizza boxes.

2. Tamper Proof Courier Bags

Courier bags are used by freight, courier and parcel companies to move their client’s consignment and documents in a secure manner. These bags are used by courier companies at the time of transit. This is because these bags are convenient to use and are versatile in nature. The bags come in alluring designs and are an important staple of logistics and courier companies. Plus, they are widely used in transporting shipments.

Courier bags are tamper proof so as to detect any signs of the opening, changing or removing of package contents before it is actually sold to the customer. You can use the bags in an e-commerce business such as a clothing or jewellery store.

3. Bubble Rolls

Bubble rolls are huge sheet rolls that have air bubbles in them. This particular type of packaging material is highly versatile in nature, and can be used to make bubble wraps that in turn help in packaging fragile items. On top of this, it does this without adding any further cost and weight.

Ideal for small items that need protection, bubble wraps prove to be helpful in imparting the items with many layers of cushioning. These rolls come in various sizes, and you can choose them according to the product requirements. The bubble rolls also come in bigger sizes to be used in heavy-duty industries.

The difference in the functions of these products makes them ideal for sending out different types of products, and you should always know when to use them to extract maximum benefit.