Fashion brands are not simply selling clothes. Its selling lifestyles through social media posts, fashion bloggers, and many more. They are helping people form mental mood boards of the appearance that they are going for. Selling that look begins way before and lasts long post people rip the tags off of their new attire

Mr Jalan says as a fashion brand, your packaging needs to immerse people in the sort of ethos and ambience that one is creating with their brand.

Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of Packman Packaging, a leading packaging boxes manufacturer for the fashion industry shares some examples of apparel packaging that uses custom goods to create wonderful experiences.

Shirt Packaging

The shirt packaging has gained a lot of appreciation in the fashion and apparel industry by presenting a wide and optimum range of Brown Corrugated Shirt Boxes. The range which it provides is crafted with the use of high quality, attractive colors, and the latest technology. Packman Packaging’s brown corrugated shirt boxes are not just made in compliance with the current industry trends. But these boxes also provide an added edge to your product when customer’s make a decision to purchase them. These boxes are available in several custom-based sizes, shapes, and designs to suit the different requirements of the clients. In addition to this, these boxes are by and large used for packaging all sorts of shirts.

Customized Shirt Packaging

The custom-designed boxes for shirts and garments have been made from coated paper. These bags are crafted and designed in such a way that they can easily hold any top, shirt, and accessories. The custom printed coating boxes lend a personalized touch that makes your customer feel special while purchasing an accessory that comes in those boxes.

Printed Shoe Box

Good appearing shoes add an edge to anyone’s personality. While custom printed shoe packaging boxes makes your end product appear more appealing to your customer’s eyes. Packman Packaging makes specially crafted custom printed shoes that lend the shoes a premium look. Further, the attractive design printed acts as a strong buying factor for the customer.

Premium Watch Packaging

As an accessory, a luxury branded watch lends a premium look to your personality. However, that premium look gets an enhanced version through the expertly crafted high-quality packaging boxes for your premium branded watches. The specially crafted boxes give the watch a royal look while those are placed on shelves. The combination of blister and acryl further enhances the appearance of the watch packaging box.