Achieving a reduction of shipment expenses and to stop losses from product damage during transit, can play a major growth factor for an organization’s profitability, credibility, and sustainability. And, utilization of custom shipping boxes can serve their purpose best in many ways.

Custom shipping boxes provide complete product protection and help reduce costs as they are not only sturdy and durable but also lightweight. It is said that effective packaging and printing can also reduce costs and help brands to save huge amounts of money. So, the question rises about the features of effective packaging that can help you to minimize your transportation costs.

In today’s blog  Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Director of Packman Packaging, which is India’s leading packaging solution provider, shares his insight on how good custom packaging ways.

Best fit Size:

Make sure you get involved with your packaging company and their packaging experts and designers help you to develop the best fit packaging for your product. Remember a loose fit packaging is neither safe during transport nor does it put a positive impression on customers.  Worst poor fit packaging may just increase its shipment weight and may result in damage chances during transport.


In modern-day business, hefty packages are not appreciated due to difficulties in handling and transportation. Heavy packaging containers occupy more space in the shipping carriers and cause more costs for brands and retailers. Thus check if your packaging company offers you the latest packaging material solutions like – bubble wraps, corrugated plastic boxes, rigid boxes, etc.

Printing Efficiencies:

Today, high printing quality on the packaging is essential for marketing and customer attraction purposes but it is also necessary for perfect handling and loading because any packaging solution without printed cautions and handling guidelines may cause huge losses to companies that ignore this aspect. That is not all, make sure your packaging company offers high-quality printing solutions for packaging that can endure rough handling, moisture, extreme weather and does not bloat or goes off easily.

The durability of packaging materials

Efficient packaging solutions are highly dependent on the quality of packaging materials used for packaging. Make sure you team up with your packaging company and develop the customized packaging for your product with the sturdiest and durable materials. That can ensure maximum damages protection against drops and impacts during transportation.

About Packman Packaging

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