One of the top product categories that need strong and effective packaging to stand out amongst competitors and convey their sweet value to consumers is the Snack and Candy Industry. Mr. Gaurav Jalan says this luscious sector, offers endless alternatives from sweet and sour toffees to health-conscious and guilty pleasure snacks. Packaging lends great opportunities for manufacturers and their buyers. Around 80% of the brand, owners claim packaging has a great effect on brand value.

Shoppers are interested to pay more for specific characteristics when a product’s packaging boosts these traits. Through this blog, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of India’s leading food packaging manufacturer Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd talks about the snack and sweet packaging trends that are visible.

Single-Serve Packaging

People love to snack. People snack around 2 to 3 times per day, or more if they are younger, and usually, alone. This is the reason the candy and snack industry provides single-serve options because they are portable, simpler to carry, open, and reseal.

Bulk Packaging

Buying candy and snacks in bulk are important to big families, and households. Buyers like the economics of large, resealable packages since it saves money and time. It lets fewer trips to the store while keeping the products buyers love fresh. Figures show consumers, who earn less, are looking to spend almost two times the premium for packaging that keeps a product fresh for a longer time.

Accessible Packaging

Buyers of every age enjoy when these products are provided in packaging that is lightweight, simple to open, and resealable, complementing the on-the-go lifestyle. Several manufacturers in this industry utilize plastic stand-up pouches as the perfect packaging alternatives for both candy and snacks.

Flipping the Packaging Up

To connect with new buyers, manufacturers must consider flipping products’ packaging format, material, and style; or get a new element to bolster the full packaging look. Sticking to the basics or incorporating versatile effects on packaging entices buyers to purchase.

Looking to Talk about Packaging

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