Is cutting corners for packaging boxes be a good thing? It is when it means you are able to reduce the weight of packaging by approximately 30% without hampering product protection. Mr Jalan says the new round corrugated board allows brands to do that while also enhancing retail eye appeal with unique shapes and amazing designs.

Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging, India’s top corrugated boxes manufacturer and packaging supplier for e-commerce and retail businesses say some market surveys suggest that people usually prefer rounded shapes to angular ones. And curved shaped or round packaging is eye-appealing and attracts consumer attention in the retail surroundings.

Even though the corners are around at 90 degrees, the otherwise flat panels still provide good billboard presence when on shelves that include seamless continuation of graphics surrounding the curve—and also the cube efficiency with respect to shipping and storage.

That 30% reduction comes through the extra rigidity of the curved corrugated, meaning one can use less material to obtain the needed product protection. Besides, that rigidity is an inherent component of curved shaped boxes

The curved-shaped corrugated containers are suitable for retail-ready, consumer, transport, and display packaging. It is made in existing corrugated board manufacturing plants, shipped straight to brand owners for smooth shipping, and filled on usual erecting or loading procedures for several applications (like trays and wraparound packaging). However, at times it needs certain machinery adjustments based on the application method and the existing system.

The technique opens up completely new probabilities for packaging designs that are attractive to buyers.

Packman Packaging is already an established name in the packaging industry. A great thing about Packman is that it can introduce a world-class packaging design with almost no investment costs since the material is manufacturable on a conventional corrugated machine.

Packman Packaging also provides designer services to assist make effective packaging designs in several shapes.