Packman Packaging shares Cable wire Packaging Design and Ideas

When a good packaging designer designs an electronic packaging box, they consider not just the visual components and mastering the innovation of structure and material, but also the complete understanding of the full marketing plan involving the product. Without any participation and understanding of the marketing strategy of the product, the packaging works done is unsuccessful. One needs to be clear about product placement, product target groups, product sales modes, product marketing plans, and subsequent promotion plans in order to create good packaging design work, even if that packaging is quite visually, structurally, and materially used. Adequate, sometimes still cannot be considered a successful packaging work. In the procedure of product birth, the packaging creator must participate in the entire process and understand the required details for product development, product placement analysis, product sales plans, and other links, and could give reasonable opinions in time while product decision-making. And packaging design direction is compatible with product marketing.

For the definition of the quality of packaging design products, one ought to analyze multiple factors related to packaging design.

The quality of a data cable packaging box work is not just judged from the basic aesthetics, but one should judge from the following factors:

  • The visual impact of packaging.
  • The utilization of packaging materials.
  • Packaging manufacturing technology.
  • The price of packaging.
  • Access to packaging.
  • The enhanced value of packaging.
  • Whether the material and procedure of packaging are environmentally friendly.

The impact of packaging visual on the quality of data cable packaging as shared by Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s leading manufacturer of cable packaging.

The fundamental elements of product packaging

Post the product marketing specification is done, the packaging creator can move ahead with the visual design of the packaging. Several basic elements are needed on the packaging, like the product and brand name, brand logo, product capacity, product bar-code, Product description (notes: like the usage rules, operating procedures), etc., when some elements are utilized, the impact of packaging visual effects on the quality of data cable packaging:

The continuation of brand elements on product packaging

For instance, the brand identity, the complete style of the product, and the image spokesperson of the product must have a good continuation of the brand assets in the new product. As a packaging designer, you require to pay special focus to it. This is to accumulate the business’ brand.

Product name

The product name takes a quite important position in the text category used for the packaging. It must be clear, simple to distinguish, eye-appealing, and easy to remember. The content of the product name must correspond to the product characteristics, or the product marketing plans. The name is also quite important in the sales force of the item, but the name of the product mostly makes business owners or product analysts anxious.

The product’s color

In this world, separate colors represent different charms. For different items, after long-term formation creators have already established custom colors in the minds of consumers. Different colors provide different psychological feelings to consumers. As a packaging creator, you should grasp the knowledge of color psychology, attempt to apply the color of the product to meet the choices of the consumers, rather than your own choices, and avert colors that make consumers have a negative or wrong perception regarding the product. One has to adopt various colors to package products for several target groups.

The complete style of product packaging

For multiple categories of products, because of the different demands from consumers, the design style should be suitable for the demands of the product, like the feminine products are soft and elegant, exquisite and chic, highlighting the artistry and fashion; male products have strong and rough, bold and unrestrained, representing practicality and analytic, kid’s products have a vivid image, colorful, highlighting interest and knowledge, to induce a child’s curiosity and urge for knowledge. These are some of the methods to use.

The display impact of product packaging

Once the product packaging is done, the top position that could accept consumer inspections is the terminal. Thus, in the procedure of packaging design, you should consider the impact of single products, series products, and products of the similar brand and multiple categories on the terminal display, and ways to use commodities stand out over the shelves, becoming a hallmark of product sales and attracting buyer’s attention, making the item more competitive and advantageous, which is an essential factor while making product packaging.

The appeal of product packaging

The packaging design should have a prominent component visually. This component is the main appeal of the product and the selling aspect of the product. Whether one can grasp this point is crucial to determining the success of the packaging.

Color, position and size utilized are already standardized by the file. These cannot be changed at will, professional packaging design the creator must ask the company early in advance so that these elements would be placed in the right position while planning the packaging.