Why Selecting the Right POD Courier Bags for your e-Business is Important?

During the last few years, the rise of e-commerce businesses has been rampant. And they will still continue to grow in the near future. In fact, in such is a scenario it has been seen that several new or small e-commerce companies have also emerged and doing good.

However, one aspect that every e-commerce business needs to give importance to is packaging. Not just do they need to use attractive packaging, but they also, need to make sure that they use a kind of packaging for certain products, that will help to save cost on shipping expenses. In short not using unnecessary packaging materials or heavy packaging boxes.

Mr Jalan, says it is possible because courier bags having POD are one such option that is not only safe and sturdy but also light in weight. Thus, it presents a perfect combination of keeping your product safe, and secure and also keeping the parcel weight light.

This blog by Mr Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top manufacturer of courier bags with POD shares why selecting the right POD courier bag is essential for your e-business.

What is POD Courier Bag?

POD Courier Bags, are made and used for postal and courier transport services. These are lightweight, strong, waterproof, and contain an adhesive strip to keep the product safe and locked. It comes with a transparent pocket to place the invoice and other important documents.

When a consumer orders something from an e-store, they expect a properly packed and undamaged product. You will begin losing customers if a tampered or damaged product is delivered to them. Besides, they will also talk negatively about your brand and products, which will affect your future sales. One of the finest ways to overcome this scenario is by providing tamper-proof courier bags with POD sleeves for certain products.

What is the essence of selecting the right POD courier bags?

See as said above it is an age of social media and reviews. The consumer will not take time to share their views if they receive a damaged product. As a result, your brand value goes down. So why take chances. Utilize the services of the POD courier bags to avoid all that.

Let us see the benefits of POD courier bags.

  • These are light in weight so they are pretty easy to carry.
  • Because of their lightweight, your business will save expenses on extra shipping charges.
  • These are weather-resistant, and have a strong adhesive strip, thus keeping the product intact irrespective of any sort of extreme weather condition.
  • These are tear and tamper-proof. Thus, your customer is assured to receive an undamaged product. Perhaps a good way to get yourself a 5-star rating.
  • The added pocket helps to keep the airway bill, consignment details, and invoices safe and intact. It provides your customer easy access to those without looking here and there.
  • Its high tensile strength lets over stuffing. This means if your customer has placed two products from your e-store, you can easily place them in a single POD courier bag and deliver them at the same time. This again helps to save you additional costs on the courier charges.

All these factors, in short, keep both your customer happy and also helps save revenue for your business. Thus, providing you with a win-win scenario.