For online buyers, eCommerce packaging is mostly the one point of physical contact a customer will have with your brand. Mr Jalan says it gives an opportunity to make a lasting impact, stand out from the rest and create an excellent customer experience.

As well as prompting purchasing decisions, great eCommerce packaging motivates repeat business and encourages buyers to share your products on social media and leave positive reviews.

The essence of eCommerce packaging

A survey found that buyers of luxury products are even more likely to share a package on social media, with around 38% saying they have done so.

On Instagram, #unboxing has been used several million times. Thus, it is clear that opening packages is an experience mostly savored by various consumers and, for businesses, it gives a great opportunity to form brand awareness.

Present eCommerce packaging trends

It is important for online businesses who care about their brand to be on top of the current consumer trends and opinions. For example, there is an increasing dislike for wasteful, oversized packaging and a rising preference for sustainable eCommerce packaging.

This trend suggests signs of becoming more pronounced as time moves on. Sustainability is more vital to younger shoppers, with around 74% of 18 to 29-year-olds saying it affects their purchasing choices. Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top packaging manufacturer and supplier to eCommerce business shares some wonderful packaging ideas that will woo your customers.

Classy internal designs

A famous French beauty brand is well-known for the thoughtful packaging it provides in its physical retail stores. But it also provides on-brand eCommerce packaging too. Customers open its plain brown boxes to see a bright yellow and white pattern, besides a thank-you note and yellow tissue paper. The packaging is classy and stylish which reinforces the brand’s image and perception of quality.

Ask your customers to leave reviews using stickers

Positive feedback is crucial to the success of an eCommerce brand, so why not request your customers for a review prior to they have a chance to forget!

Stickers could be used to communicate several marketing messages, including thank-yous, brand logos, and social media handles. Check out for star-studded, personalized stickers which request customer reviews. Please note that do not do this with certain leading eCommerce firms as it is against their terms and policies.

Use a sustainable design

A top example of sustainable eCommerce packaging comes from one Italian brand of an eyewear product. Their odd-shaped cardboard boxes truly make a statement, but they do not need any glue to hold them together either. This lets customers easily flatten and recycle the box post-delivery. It is also made completely from recycled materials.

Try for re-usable eCommerce packaging

Reusable shipping bags are gaining in popularity, particularly among clothing retailers that don’t rely on bulky, protective packaging. Some prominent brand names have attempted this new way of sustainable eCommerce packaging in an effort to make online shopping more sustainable. Some companies even give discounts to those customers who return the bags by post or in-store.

Make packaging too beautiful to be thrown away

Several cosmetics companies present its products sets in beautiful, reusable corrugated boxes. This gets rid of the requirement for wrapping paper and the labels encourage customers to retain those boxes as a keepsake for storing items. In a bid to use more sustainable eCommerce packaging, the brand also created its boxes more compact and replaced any plastic inlays with compostable alternatives.

Use embossed metallic stickers

If you utilized plain or minimalist packaging to decrease expenses or increase sustainability, using embossed stickers is a top way to bring a sense of quality and luxury to your eCommerce packages.

Use custom packaging tape

Using brown cardboard boxes is generally the most sustainable and cost-effective choice for eCommerce packaging. (Normally, they contain more recycled material compared to white cardboard). It doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your branding. Try using custom packaging tape or stamps to leave your imprint on deliveries.