Rigid boxes also known as Set Up Boxes are quite common kinds of packaging and they are mostly linked with luxury items. Rigid boxes are 4 times thicker when compared to folding cartons and are not printed directly normally. In fact, they are wrapped with paper that can be plain or luxurious as needed.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Packaging Private Limited talks about the advantages of rigid boxes as compared to traditional ones.

More Durable, Both In Looks And Material

The laminated box gets its big, strong build from pressed sheets and creative papers being glued or laminated to a chipboard frame. Therefore, its quality is just like a cardboard box in terms of graphic appearance, but its sides are a lot more rigid due to the 1 to 3 mm thick chipboard frame.

Radiates Quality And Lends An Extra Sense Of Quality To The Product

A laminated rigid box instantly draws attention. The durable raw material and the slightly robust looks evoke curiosity. Add beautiful and appealing graphics to suggest elegance.

Fine And Smooth Outer Surfaces That Feel Fine To The Touch

In the case of the rigid boxes, the pressed sheet is laminated on the chipboard. Thus, in addition to its durability, the box will also have a pretty appearance. The adhesive layer is applied to the sheet evenly, using special technology. As a result, post laminating the sides of the box will feel even and smooth to the touch.

In Boxes Having Magnetic Closure, The Magnet Is Not Visible

Magnetic closure that works easily and safely can give the laminated rigid box great swankiness. The magnet is added and hidden in the wall of the chipboard using a magnet inserting machine in a manner that the magnet stays invisible in the final product.

Simple Elegance No Requirement For Perplexing Graphics

Thanks to the robust looks of the laminate boxes, there is no requirement for complicated graphics. Quality appearance can often be availed more easily with a colored print, stamped or embossed lettering, and with a logo.

The Groove Cutter Makes Beautiful Edges

With laminated products, it is very critical to have beautiful, sharp edges. Manufacturers often fail to achieve this expectation. The edges need to be cut into the chipboard with a groove cutter machine to ensure that the edges of the box are beautiful.