These are the times when consumers approach to buy mobile phone accessories from the e-commerce portals and malls to get the perfect accessories to secure, carry, charge, and connect their devices.

Leaving a memorable first impression is one of the most important elements in creating a phone accessory brand. Whether you are a retailer or online distributor, you want that initial handshake with your customer to be firm yet pleasant, surprising but not off-colored.

You need to have not only an innovative and unique choice but also a presentable brand appearance across every product. And everything comes down to the packaging.

Packaging can make or break the first impression. Do it correctly and the customer will be immediately drawn to your product. Do it incorrectly and the buyer will be looking elsewhere.

Here in this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s top packaging company Packman Packaging Private Limited shares top practices to follow while making packages for mobile accessories.

Make It Consistent

Whether you know it or not, customers always crave consistency. Think of any great phone. When you think about a particular phone. You see its design, then you think about the brand name.

You got to achieve the same effect. Think of it as narrating a story with a certain theme. The story must be engaging and clear. It should draw buyers in gently, then dazzle and entertain them once it has occupied their minds.

Remember that a nice story uses the same color schemes and motifs all throughout. Adapt them accordingly, but do not ever stray from the central theme or template else, you will risk losing your audience. Having said that, ensuring consistent packaging across all product chains can sometimes be challenging, particularly when dealing with several suppliers. This is why getting a single, go-to supplier of easy to customize accessory packaging is critical.

Once you have found this supplier, it frees you to concentrate on what you want to achieve with the packaging and your sales targets.

Make It Secure But Easy To Open

Adequate accessory packaging makes sure protection from impact and damage while transporting and restocking. It also plays a highly important role in deterring shoplifters.

However, effective packaging does not necessarily need to be hermetically sealed.

Particularly, with phone cases, you ought to give the customer the chance to open the packaging and see how the case will appear on their phone. Without this chance, you have a high risk of losing your customers.

Find a supplier that provides innovative packaging design that is both secured against theft and damage but also easy to open and reseal.

Give Clear Instructions And Packaging

Simply think about how you personally interact with product packaging. One of the initial things you do is read the highlights and benefits of the product on the front of the package and then turn the product around to read the rear, correct?

Even when it is a simple, relatively user-friendly thing as a phone case, it is just buyer instinct to want to dig in a bit more and read the fine print.

Hence, having clear messaging that conveys useful information about how to use the product and its advantages is key. The messaging must be clear and straight and make your product’s value stand out.

Remember, it always comes down to that initial handshake.