If one is having a business or a franchise of a pizza shop and searching for corrugated pizza box for packaging or to have a custom handmade product to be transported to your buyer or anything else that includes a corrugated box in it. Then you should know what to find at before you opt which type and style of the corrugated box among them is the perfect one for you.

To check it, you need to know that where would be a corrugated box is going to be utilized and once you are familiar with it you can go through a checklist to follow up and avail the best-corrugated box for your needs.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of India’s Top Corrugated Box Manufacturer Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd talks about things to bear in mind when buying corrugated boxes.

What Is GSM In Corrugated Box Mean?

GSM in corrugated box stands for Gram per square meter this means the amount of ply used in making the corrugated box. The higher GSM represents that the more durability of the corrugated box and higher bursting capability.

What Is The Burst Factor?

Bursting strength means the amount of pressure the paper can sustain before it raptures. In a corrugated box, the number of ply and flute paper enhances the durability of the carton and hence, it boosts the bursting strength.

Which Item You Can Keep In The Carton?

The motive of purchasing any specific corrugated box should be known prior you buy any 1 of them. As there are several styles of corrugated boxes present in the market you must opt for the one which is perfect for your specific industry.

Which Grade Of Corrugated Box Your Package Need?

The grade of corrugated box is an essential factor if you want your item to be securely delivered to your buyer. This grade can be determined by checking the composition, type of paper used, GSM, and kind of flute.

Where The Box Would Be Used?

This is a critical question to ask yourself prior to ordering your corrugated box. Whether you want to use it for packaging of consumer products or it is required for shipping purposes. Because it will assist you to decide which kind, style and printing you will be using on it.

Which Printing Style Is Best?

You have decided on the style and kind of corrugated box. Now one needs to decide the process of printing that one wants to use on the corrugated box. If this is for consumer product then you can opt for digital printing and lithography. If it is for shipping purpose then you can opt for flexo and if it is custom made then you can select silkscreen.