Making the proper packaging box is key not just for your product but also from its shipping point of view. Making certain you pick the correct box for your product, both in terms of branding and size, is crucial to ensuring the lowest possible expense and the highest possible brand reception.

In this blog, Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd India’s top manufacturer and supplier of corrugated boxes say about ways one needs to follow while measuring a box for shipping.

The cost of shipping your package will mainly depend on the length, width, and depth of the box. Correctly measuring the dimensions of the box lets you make informed shipping decisions that greatly impact your bottom line.

Measuring the box is relatively simple, but you need to make sure that you are optimizing the box size for the size of what you are shipping, Mr. Jalan says.

In essence, the measurements you have to know for a box are length, width, and height (also named depth).

If you already contain a box at home, you will start by measuring the distance from end to end on the longest side of the box. That is the length. Then measure the shortest side of the packaging. That is the width. Lastly, you will measure the height (depth) of the box from the inside to the nearest inch, making certain to round up. Once you have all of those measurements, done, you can determine how much internal packing is required to protect your product.

If ordering a standard or custom corrugated box, you have to determine the size for your product to the nearest inch. For simplicity’s sake, let us assume one is shipping a pile of calendars that are 9 inches in length, 9 inches in width, and 5 inches in height. You have to find a box that will hold these, but not leaves excessive space, which can lead to crushing or broken products.

Once you have that piece of information, you will want to order a box that uses the minimum amount of internal packing while still securing the product. For instance, you may order a custom 10x10x6 corrugated box for the example stated above so that there is half an inch of room available around the calendars and one inch of room at the top of the package.

At Packman Packaging, we help you through every step of the system and wish to assist you to choose the right shipping materials and internal packing for your brand and product. Once the measurements of your product are obtained by the team at Packman Packaging systematically combine that information to pinpoint the most cost-friendly size and style of custom corrugated box to suit your needs.

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