When shoppers open their doors to luxury fashion designer brands, they enter a world where the brand identity and experience is upheld through every aspect of the retailer’s exclusivity. The presentation of an item through the digital screen is one thing, but the look of the product as it is placed into the customer’s hand is the last impression a brand has to make on the customer. Behind the box, packaging luxury retail is something that requires thought, foundation and unique touch to ensure that every individual item receives the necessary care.

India’s leading spokesperson on the packaging industry, Mr. Gaurav Jalan who is also the founder & director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Printing and Packaging says the art of packing luxury and premium designer brands hold key to establishing your brand at the retail store.

The process of luxury packaging plays a lead role in establishing a brand’s identity. Each package increases branding while creating a personalization to each garment packaged. No matter how big or small, the presentation and delivery of the item must fulfil the quality of the brand itself.

According to Mr Jalan, with the right use of structure, materials, and branding, each individual item is packaged in a process that is perfected for the item itself. Each item is shipped in a box that fits perfectly, packed with tissue paper for no movement, and sealed with the exact amount of tape. Shoes, perfumes, designer bags, and clothing are a part of an expert packing process, along with many other luxury retail items. Here are a few examples of what a customer will receive when their purchase is packed for Wrap & Send:

Shoes Packaging

The process of packaging designer shoes begins with wrapping each shoe individually inside the shoebox to prevent them from rubbing together. Tissue paper is then put into the box to secure the shoes so they don’t rub together.

Designer Bags

Each individual bag is carefully wrapped with tissue paper. For bags with metals embellishments, more tissue paper is wrapped around these areas to reduce the risk of scratches.


All clothing is placed in garment bags and wrapped with tissues to reduce wrinkles. Then the garment is kept in a bag that fits perfectly so it won’t shift or wrinkle during transportation.


Mostly all the good perfume normally comes in glass bottles, therefore they are easily prone to damage and breakage. The packaging material must be in compliance with the delicate and sensitive nature of the glass bottle. The best-recommended packaging is that of soft sponges or shock-absorbing fluffed plastic packing material.

Packaging luxury retail items are both an art and a skill for Wrap & Send. Packman’s packaging process is designed to keep the items safe, wrinkle-free and to give the customer a beautiful presentation when they receive their purchase.