Courier bags provides a wide variety of shipping options to ship products and items safely and securely. They are an excellent way to take customer fulfillment to a whole new level. Particularly, e-commerce companies over the last decade have benefited from superior, intelligent packaging that these bags provide.

There are various types of courier bags not only based on purpose, but also on the thickness they come in. For instance, there are 50-microns and 60-microns courier bags. These are tamper-proof courier bags that ensure the safe delivery of items to customers without the risk of tamper or product swaps. Besides, there are courier bags with and without POD. What do all these stand for and what do you need?

Today, in this article, India’s eminent industry leader, Founder, and Director of India’s leading packaging company Packman Printing and Packaging Mr. Gaurav Jalan talks on choosing the proper courier bags for e-commerce packaging. Here they are:

Courier Bags (50 Microns)

These kind of courier bags are quite cost-effective. They can be customized based on your demands. They can be best utilized for shipping low-worth or non-fragile products, like pen drives, memory cards, watches, etc. They are also, preferred by sellers who deal with items that offer low-profit margins or who do not want to invest heavily in packaging. 50-microns bags are really a great boon to business people who looks to achieve cost-effectiveness and superior scales of economies in packaging.

Courier Bags (60 Microns)

Courier Bags (60 Microns) are a bit more expensive than 50-micron courier bags on the basis of their film thickness. These are best used for shipping or transiting delicate materials such as garments, posters, etc. They are most popular among medium-range businesses. They help ship selected products like mobile phones.

Bubble Courier Bags

Fragile or breakable materials and bubble courier bags are like made for each other. Or, more precisely, premium, fragile articles like glassware, costly electronic items, mobile phones, jewelry, all best fits inside bubble bags. They offer solid protection from breakage or damage.

Courier Bags (Without POD)

They are majorly used to package garments, small, non-fragile gadgets. Companies are using courier bags without POD jackets to decrease time and manmade work. Nowadays there are advanced technologies where they label the invoices and paste it on top of the product. The premium bag which is 60 microns are assured for tamper safety and do not require a POD jacket. The primary objective of a POD jacket is maintaining invoices, but thanks to the advanced technic, POD jackets become optional.

Courier Bags (Large Envelopes)

They are large in size that helps ship bigger items like photo frames and baby toys. Large envelopes are available in several sizes according to your needs. Their high-tensile strength means they can be stuffed beyond their allocated capacity even because they are not prone to tears and damage. What’s more, they even provide write-on space and are available in multiple sizes.