It was not long ago, the lac seal, which after melting would harden rapidly to form a bond that could help secure the important documents and items from falling victims to improper hands before reaching the desired location With times, the lac seal too has made way to other alternatives such as the tamper-evident envelopes

Tamper Evident Envelopes have a mighty strong peel and seal adhesive closure system having the word “Void” sealed across the top making tampering unimaginable. Once the envelopes are locked on, unauthorized efforts to break the seal will be clearly visible.

If you are banking personnel sending out important documents to your clients, a jeweler trying to send precious pieces of stones, or belongs to a university who leaves no chance for any unwanted question paper leaks,  you will be making the best decision by choosing the Tamper Evident Envelopes over any courier counterparts.

Also, these strong, waterproof and marker friendly envelopes show some outstanding features. No doubt that these envelopes make a movement of highly confidential documents and items across industries such as education, banking, healthcare, jewelry, and other govt documents quite smooth.

Mr. Gaurav Jalan Founder and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd which is India’s leading tamper proof courier bag supplier, share how tamper-evident envelopes protect your documents.


Anyone who thinks about tampering with your valuables will have to beat their fear of getting spotted, as the marking VOID in big, capital letters on the tamper-evident closure on the surface will show visible indications.

Special Bar Code

A unique serial numbering format makes it easy for record upkeeping, identification and tracking.

Security Print

A pre-cautionary instruction having a tamper-proof display that shows do not cut here to open with a numeric code is present on both sides, a parallel to each other.

Double Sealing

Made of ultra-strong material and double sealed, on the top and bottom it is impossible to access these bags without a scissor or blade.


1-inch removable receipt on the top of the envelope with vital information and most crucially one unique number can be taken as a piece of evidence.

Also, the tamper-evident envelopes are available in several sizes to fit your specific requirements. One can have a brand or logo to make it more attractive. This is also available in opaque and transparent envelopes.