Packaging and distribution are elements that may seem puny, but are vital to businesses. A lot of companies, especially in manufacturing and retail sectors, carry out these activities on a regular basis. Mistakes with packaging of products can actually costs businesses very heavily.

Why Is It Important To Do The Packaging Right?

Packaging not only contains your valuable products but also provides them the necessary protection against damages during transit. Issues with packaging processes can get in the way of your order fulfilment and make your operations less efficient. If this were to happen, you will not only have many enraged customers at your end but also lot of overheads.

So no matter whether your firm depends on shipping huge orders or not, ensuring that there are no complications with the packaging part of the business should be one of your priorities.

Common Packaging Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • Complicated– So as it turns out, the problem of “too much packaging” does exist. Be it in the form of extra wrapping or additional taping or simply too much Styrofoam peanuts, utilizing too much material can cost your company highly. To tackle this issue, you need to opt for options that cost you less and are not messy. Air pillows and recycled paper sheets are a few such options that you can take into consideration.
  • Difficult to open – General market observations reveal that hard to open packaging is among the top reasons which keep customers from ordering from a certain company. When choosing packaging materials online, companies should keep stress-free and easy user experience in mind, and avoid cumbersome and difficult-to-open packaging options.
  • Oversized packaging material – “One size fits all” is not a theory that you can apply when it comes to buying packaging material online or even offline, for that matter. Improper size can be a big problem in packaging and not just in terms of fit. Oversized boxes are not only a hassle to carry but also unsafe for the content if not cushioned well on the inside. So, when you buy packaging material online, focus on limiting space.
  • Misleading or irrelevant packaging – No customer likes being misled when they invest in a product. Among the major problems that misleading packaging can create, one is customers losing their faith in your brand. Maintaining honesty with your customers about what they should expect will help you increase your customer base. So while it is okay for you to keep your package enticing, do ensure that you are not making any false promises whatsoever.
  • Too basic or ‘heavily inspired’ – Following competitors closely and/or replicating their marketing gimmicks never helps companies get too far. Using designs or packaging materials as used by your competitors is both lazy and confusing to customers. What many companies fail to realize is that packaging can also be effectively used to set themselves apart from their contenders. Redesigning is something you can bring into use if you feel your packaging is basic or similar to that of some other brand.

Processes related to packaging should be well-planned too. From selecting the right packaging material online to working closely with a product designer to get the best and most effective designs for product packages, these processes involve a lot of steps.

And since there are various potential mistakes that can occur in the course, maintaining precision and care is of utmost importance.