As you know packaging materials play an essential role in protecting products, it’s important to know what qualities purchasing managers must look for when selecting between several brands and suppliers.

As with several other supplies, price is the main concern; however, this is not the be-all and end-all reason, particularly since the deliberation process also requires to take into consideration the transportation, storage and delivery of the products to your customer’s hands in perfect shape.

Any warehouse manager understands that the proper packaging material can assist reduce breakage, product returns, tampering, damage and other things.

Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd which is India’s leading packaging company shares key factors to think about while selected packaging materials.

Durable And High Quality

Prior ordering in bulk, know about the product one wants by having samples and comprehensively testing for build quality and durability. Several entrepreneurs look to skip these criteria altogether and end up with bad quality packaging materials or materials that are not necessarily the correct fit for the job.

Tamper Evident And Safe

Another vital factor to consider in selecting packaging materials is security. Opt for products that contain safety features and tamper-evident seals. Use products like the container seals, shrink wraps, water-activated tapes and poly straps as a deterrent towards tampering and theft. Opaque wraps also assist in making the products for extra security.

Cost Saving And Convenient

As you have heard before, price is not everything when it comes to selecting packaging supplies, but it still has a huge impact that must not be overlooked. Look for products and suppliers that provide the proper balance between price and quality.

Also, consider the comfort and ease of dealing with a supplier. Do they supply all over in your region or country? Avert delays by asking them how much time it would take to deliver your order. Ask such questions and other policies to make sure that one is availing the packaging supplies in the easiest way possible.

Eco Friendly And Legally Compliant

Suppliers and buyers alike must share responsibility towards the reuse, reprocessing and conservation of packaging supplies.

Select products that are eco-friendly and legally compliant with logistics and shipping laws and regulations of specific countries. Also, ensure that the products you are purchasing do not infringe on pre-existing copyrights and patents.

Quality Customer Service

Apart from product quality, packaging supplies must come with good customer services. Rather than simply looking for products, get a partner supplier who can support you and get the best out of the company’s budget. Good customer service can assist find solutions to your packaging problems.