Cardboard is a quite durable material that comes in a range of forms and varieties to meet your needs. Packaging is amongst the most common uses for cardboard. The several varieties of cardboard packaging might be customized and modified to a broader range of weights, thicknesses, and widths, and thus, can be utilized for practically any purpose.

There are primarily three basic kinds of packaging cardboard. They are solid cardboard, graphic cardboard, and corrugated cardboard.

In this blog, Packman Packaging India’s top manufacturer of corrugated and cardboard boxes talks about the different kinds of cardboard that are used in the packaging industry.

Carton board

These are also called solid cardboard, or boxboard, this board is thin and contains a smooth coating on one side which is applied during the manufacturing process. This smooth side is for gluing printed paper or foil to the cardboard or it could be printed in a printing press.

Carton board is used for boxes made to package items like cosmetics, cereals and other food products, computer software, etc. It is also cut and folded for use in the packaging of kid’s toys (like action figures), hair accessories, and liquor bottles. This kind of board is made to be water resistant and remain flat.

Graphic cardboard

This kind of cardboard is used for hardback book covers, three-ring binders, and puzzles. It is formed by pressing sheets of kraft paper together, using an adhesive between each layer, until the desired thickness is reached. This cardboard is made in a way to be sturdy and remains flat.


Corrugated board

Corrugated cardboard is formed by pressing a piece of carton board in hot corrugators to make the s-curves and then sandwiching the pressed sheet between 2 pieces of carton board.

Differences in corrugated cardboard depend on “flute” size. Smaller s-curve outcomes in a smaller flute and a lightweight box. The largest flute, used for big boxes, makes a sturdier box that could be stacked.

The strongest corrugated cardboard is a triple wall corrugated cardboard, made with four sheets of carton board and three sheets of corrugated board. This cardboard is used for the purpose of packaging large items like refrigerators and treadmills.

The majority of boxes available to consumers are single walls whereas, heavy-duty boxes are custom-made to order.

There is another category which is non-packaging cardboard. Under this cup board, drawing cardboard and chromo carton board falls. Chromo board is a thin board, coated on single or both sides and is white. It is mostly used in retail inside men’s shirts, under collars, and in hosiery packaging). Cupboard is used to form cups and paper plates whereas drawing cardboard is smooth, thin, white paperboard packaged in single sheets or tablets for drawing purposes.