Secondary packaging is a vital component of the successful delivery of the consignment. So, it is very important to make a sustainable and sturdy packing for various conditions. Whether they are cartons, or wooden boxes the packing should be tough to withstand the environment and other conditions. Corrugated boxes to determine their quality should fulfill needed important factors.

In an attempt to get the finest quality cartons, the raw material should be good. Also, it must comply with the standards set according to the R and D. To make carton strong, it should have proper compressive strength, that can be decided as per the intended application. A compression test is normally performed to check the buckling load of the box.

Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of Packman Packaging Pvt Ltd in this blog talks about determining the quality of the corrugated boxes.

Ways to Determine the Buckling Load of the Boxes

To see the compression strength or the buckling load of the corrugated boxes, one of the finest methods are the compression test.

The compression test is widely included in the work procedure of several manufacturing units. The strength depends upon several factors of the boxes they are:

The Structural Design of the Carton: The shape and dimensions of the boxes play a major role in deciding the properties of the box. Features such as loading direction and flap directions are vital considerations.

Raw Material: If the material utilized is weak in strength the box will collapse instantly post exerting pressure.

Environmental Factors: If the boxes are not tested in the needed working conditions, it will lead to a failure of the product. Conditions of the manufacturing unit, storehouse, and the subjected destination matters a lot. Moisture or water prone zones directly damage the carton.

Corrugated Board: If the properties in the corrugated board are bad, the final product will certainly not survive long.

Selection of the raw material should not be of casual nature, plenty of expertise is needed to select the good material which can deliver the perfect results. To avoid deformity and failure of the boxes, the security margins are mostly considered while selecting the raw materials. Because of the improper knowledge and lack of mastery at times manufacturers ignore this. Thus, awareness regarding the compression test is vital.

Essential Factor to Test for Corrugated Fibreboard

A carton is formed up of CFB in simple words Corrugated Fibreboard, it is formed up of the corrugators stuffed in 2 linear boards. The ridges and furrow then decide the power and stress absorbance ability of the board. If the height of corrugators is greater and density less, its strength will reduce. While if the density is of corrugators is more and height less the shock absorbance capability is higher. This is a key parameter while selecting raw materials.