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Would you like to realize seasonal packaging or custom festivity boxes but you are not certain it is a good idea?

Prior to resolving any doubt, you are to shortly talk about the two typologies. Selecting to realize custom boxes for a particular event of the year might be, certainly, a great idea (and truly impressive too!), though you will have to pay focus on not overestimating the effective demand for the product. An example? Diwali is coming and you might realize ad hoc packaging for the event, but what happens if you will not sell all the boxes made just for that occasion? Options might be 2:

  1. In an effort to earn more, you must sell the product with a discount, out of time, since, it will be off-topic.
  2. You must reuse the same boxes next year. A valid option, even if it could be improper concerning brand image and commercial effect.

Seasonal packaging from that aspect is more versatile instead: autumn, summer, winter, monsoon, etc. are likely to live longer on the shelves and, thus, might stay on the market more time, averting the risk of not being sold.

Both typologies are quite valid and, if efficiently used, could bring several advantages. What matters is that you define quantity with prudence: slightly smiling face:

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That said, this blog from India’s leading customized corrugated packaging boxes manufacturer and supplier for FMCG and retail businesses Packman Packaging shares some good reasons whereby realizing seasonal packaging (or designed for particular events) might be the correct choice for your business.

Stay abreast of competition

It is now well known that since the year 2012 seasonal packaging has been quite successful. Since that year, actually some of the most eminent brands, – and not just them – have been constantly, sometimes artfully, using them: be it an eminent cola brand, coffee chain, fast food outlet, or cooking brand are just some of the examples. You could also, be the few who have not moved in this direction yet.

If your rivals have been already keeping abreast with trends, you might be less favored when, with an equal product, your old box might be accompanied by seasonal brand-new packaging. Don’t you think?

Launching new products

You have to launch a new product in a particular time of the year. Get the opportunity to create your new custom packaging, both for the product and the occasion. Consumers will be delighted by a dual factor: being new and well-timed. Yours could be the right product at the proper time.

Recreate to be seen

Recreating your own image, periodically, is quite useful to be seen. Even huge brands, having several trusted customers, decide to alter, sometimes, in an attempt to keep the audience’s attention high. A new box, distinct colors, seasonal graphics, or associated with something special, are an excellent way to capture a customer’s eyeballs, than its heart before. Curiosity is a top driving force that leads the observer’s attention to what you desire. The product will (or must) do the rest.

Forming an emotional connect

Boosting curiosity and attraction to involve and mesmerize your own audience. Seasonal packaging might help arouse certain feelings in who will run across them. And you know, striking at the heart of consumers is a top way to form a connection with your product and not to allow it forgotten.

Boosting sales

The above-said things play for one aim, that does not need any particular clarifications: enhanced sales.

Still, having doubts? You can start with Packman Packaging soon. Custom dimensions and graphic design, having minimum order quantity (avoiding overproducing!) at best prices. What else?