Are you frequently receiving complaints regarding poor packaging from your customers? Then, this is a red sign for your business. If you are selling eCommerce products and plan to ship them using cardboard boxes, you ought to be sure the boxes are sturdy.

Possibilities are, several of your packages have a long distance to travel, particularly if you are shipping them overseas. You do not wish them to be made of flimsy, thin cardboard that will collapse any moment, tear apart, or be comfortably crushed during transit.

This is why at Packman Packaging we design our cardboard boxes with special features that make the boxes strong and stable to arrive safely at your concerned destination, wherever it may be.

Reasons why cardboard boxes manufactured by Packman Packaging are the Finest ones

One cannot use a thin, flimsy cardboard box for eCommerce and hop the product inside to arrive intact to the consumer. So, when Packman Packaging designs the cardboard boxes, it made sure that it incorporated the following three aspects to make them sturdy.

Design of corrugated box

Packman Packaging’s cardboard boxes come with a corrugated design, where each side and the flaps are made out of fluted fibreboard sandwiched between layers of high-quality brown Kraft paper. The wavy impact of the reinforced fibreboard makes the box stronger and more resistant to tear or crush.

Multi-layered wall options

Corrugated boxes come with various wall options: single, double, and triple. The “wall” refers to the fibreboard. A single comes with only one layer of fibreboard, the double comes with two, and so on. The more layers, the stronger the boxes are.

This is why at Packman Packaging you will get 5 and 7-ply corrugated boxes, so you can even ship heavy-duty items and not at all worry about the box collapsing apart during transit.

Edge crush-tested sides

The high-quality cardboard corrugated boxes from Packman undergo an edge crush test (ECT) before it sells them. This kind of test is performed in a lab, and it measures the amount of weight that can be placed on the edge of a corrugated box prior to it being crushed. The corrugated boxes from Packman can withstand up to 32 pounds of pressure, making them strong and sturdy enough for any eCommerce use.

Packman manufactures cardboard and corrugated boxes by keeping eCommerce in India and abroad in mind. This is why they can always rely on Packman to provide them with packaging that will keep their shipments secure during transit. This way, the product arrives safely and intact on the customer’s doorstep. You can peruse all the offerings for cardboard packaging, including gift boxes and carton boxes, on our online store. Currently, Packman is the leading corrugated boxes supplier to several Indian and foreign’s leading eCommerce businesses.