Mr. Garurav Jalan spearheads Packman Packaging, which has designed and implemented sustainable packaging solutions for all top manufacturing, eCommerce and technology companies for the past 3 decades emphasizes that by 2021, 21.7% of the world’s population i.e. 2.14 billion people are expected to buy online. In this scenario, retailers need to uplift an eCommerce shopping experience to win consumer loyalty in the coming times.

Mr. Jalan adds that a physical retail store offers all-important human-to-human interaction that goes a long way to make the consumer feel like they are the most important person to the company – hence opening the opportunity for customer loyalty. This, unfortunately, something that online business cannot replace with their mobile app promotions, website communication or with online discount festivals. This is why product packaging for online delivery play a major role.

The right courier packaging can make the customer feel special as well as it can open a brand up to a massive audience – from the neighbor who keeps the package in your absence at home, to colleagues in the office when it lands on your desk, plus the word of mouth that follows that.

That not all, if the brand cleverly designs a packaging solution that can be transferred into the customer home as an interior or bag for life – this new life will showcase the brand for years to come.

Hence, Gaurav Jalan believes that in the next two to three years, Indian retail should create the same attention to detail with their online packaging as they would with their in-store offering.

About Packman packaging: Packman is not just any other packaging company, they are the first online packaging store in India, one of the largest corrugated box manufacturer, largest courier bag suppliers, and Packman is one of the few packaging companies in the world that allows CUSTOMERS to upload their artwork online on Packman website and get it printed on any kind of packaging solutions.