During the last decade or so, the eCommerce industry has seen unprecedented growth with an expansion in the online consumer base. The pandemic later on added to this growth. This has led to eCommerce businesses providing intense competition to each other. Because of all this, online sellers are implementing vigorous efforts to win customers’ trust and loyalty.

One of those means is providing customers with reliable and effective packaging in the form of a courier bag – the best and most secure eCommerce product packaging.

When one usually talks about eCommerce packaging or any other packaging generally, multiple-sized boxes come to our mind. But courier bags are equally versatile as they are flexible and the best alternative specifically for packaging and delivering small products.

This blog by Packman Packaging India’s top and premium courier bag manufacturers and suppliers for all the leading eCommerce brands in India along with several eCommerce brands abroad talks about the benefits of using courier bags for your packaging needs.

temper proof Courier Bags

Excellent alternatives to boxes

Every product cannot be shipped in corrugated boxes. Soft or small items have their own cushioning, such as clothing. Besides, some products already have boxed packaging that provides them with in-built protection. This is where tamper-proof courier packaging comes into the frame.

They are a suitable shipping packaging alternative when there’s no requirement for a box. Given you are shipping products that don’t need extra protection or cushioning – you do not require packaging inserts. Certainly, you can add bubble wrap or other packaging inserts to the courier bags to lend added cushioning if required.

Courier bags are majorly made of polyethylene material, which is sturdy. The material makes the bags resistant to tearing, tampering, puncturing, and weather factors such as moistening.

Simple to pack and seal

Courier bags are sealed from 3 sides and open from one end. Thus, they can be rapidly sealed and packed. They are manufactured of sturdy and robust polyethylene material and can be totally packed (at times even overpacked) and still remain intact.

Contrary to the corrugated boxes, courier bags do not need packaging tape to seal the packets. They come having a peel and seal mechanism—a self-seal adhesive strip. All one has to do is peel the liner off and fold it above the flap to seal it. This mechanism makes a secure closure and keeps the products safe, secure, and in place.

Notably, this seal cannot be opened again once closed without permanently hampering the courier bag. Thus, they keep the items safe, sound, and in place.

However, certain courier packaging bags also come with a tear strip. These strips let the customers open the courier packets without cutting the bag. Certain courier bags also have a second seal strip that allows the customers to seal the packets again for returning the product.

courier bags

Less shipping cost

The dimensional weight of the packages also adds to the shipping costs. Dimensional weight consists of the width, length, and height of the package that is carrying the item. You will be charged on the basis of whichever is higher – the package’s dimensional weight or the real weight of the package.

It makes opting for the right packaging compulsory as it can affect the shipping cost. If oversized packaging is utilized, you will be charged for the extra-dimensional weight. However, if an undersized product packaging has been used, the product might get damaged in transit, forcing for a return. This is why courier bags are price-effective options to other kinds of product packaging. Also, the volumetric footprint of the courier bags compared to boxes is smaller as they need less space.

Can be printed on

Digital printing technology has made it easy to print over courier bags and other packaging options. Through customized packaging material, one can easily display their brand and make a long-lasting impression on their customers. All it needs is an eye-catching logo, a catchy tagline, and perfect packaging material.

You can also create your packaging online nowadays – lend graphics, logos, colors, or text to your packaging. Through online designing, you can do it yourself without spending excessive time and money.

These benefits of using courier bags clearly define why they must be the preferred choice for your eCommerce business. In fact, they are already quite popular among several online retailers. With multiple features and style options, courier bags are certain to be the best choice for your shipping needs.