With many businesses being scrutinized because of their environmental impact, it is more crucial than ever to turn to responsible packaging methods. When thinking of shipping options, companies want to know about the environmental impact of the materials they use, along with how they can lower their carbon footprint.

With environment-friendly solutions in huge demand by buyers, business owners are aware of the benefits of using sustainable packaging, like the paper-based corrugated. Since ethical shopping has become integral to the buying process, consumers are now looking to choose brands based greatly on which ones are making a reasonable attempt to be environmentally friendly.

In this article Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder and Director of Delhi’s Top packaging company Packman Packaging, Pvt Ltd tells if you are thinking about using corrugated packaging, here is how it can help your business assist responsible sourcing while also thinking about the environment.

Its Content Is Recycled And Recyclable

The biggest environmental benefit of corrugated boxes is that they are created from a high percentage of recycled paper, cartons, and newspapers, and can be recycled again once they have been used. Similarly, the majority of the corrugated packaging is made sans dyes or bleaches mean it can be disposed of more sustainably as compared to other types of material that contain contaminants.


Made out of the paper pulp, corrugated packaging is predominantly obtained from timber from fast-growing pine trees but can also be manufactured from woodchips and left-over materials from several paper-making processes. Also, most corrugated packaging is made up of around 70% -100% of recycled material.

Businesses that make a big quantity of corrugated packaging normally harvest materials out of managed, sustainable forests and replace harvested trees with seedlings to start the process again.


Corrugated packaging is not only easily recyclable and renewable, but it can also be reused helping to further decrease packaging costs and environmental effects. Several corrugated cases styles are created to be easily collapsible, and completely reusable.

Most boxes are not immediately disposed of, so why not make the most of its durability? Corrugated is popular for being a solid, sturdy solution that can carry a variety of weights so cases can be repeated for an array of products.

And when cases reach the end-users, consumers can still reuse them for keeping documents and other things. And, when they are finally done with it, they can simply recycle them.

Saves Energy

Another advantage of corrugated packaging having a high percentage of recycled components is that it needs less energy to make. Instead of making cases from 100% virgin materials, most corrugated producers make them from locally-sourced recycled items that also minimizes environmental damage caused by transportation.