Remember the time you purchased something merely because the packaging was cute! Well, this phenomenon happens more often than you actually think. Packaging used to be a mere container that contains the product and a sticker, which tells you what it is.

In its raw form, the only purpose of packaging was to make sure the product was safeguarded and safely delivered to the customers. This definition changed with the times as the industrial revolution brought products to be readily available and consumers started to edge towards the self-help culture.

But now packaging is like a silent salesman that conveys everything about your brand.

Good packaging is a hallmark of your company that signifies the brand. And custom packaging goes a long way in establishing the brand further. This blog from Packman Packaging India’s leading custom corrugated box manufacturer and supplier discusses the basic things to look out for while opting for the right custom packaging company for your brand.

Understand the company

Prior to you even starting at the drawing board to design the custom product packaging, make certain, to completely understand the company. The company uses packaging to showcase their values and image. If at the initial point one is not clear regarding the said values then, the probabilities of creating a label and packaging genuinely to the company are slim.

Does the company aspire to give out a fun image, or are they a luxury brand in which the packaging must be a gift like, do they lend a masculine or feminine product or does the company look to project a minimalistic approach. Whatever the values of the company might be they must reflect in the packaging. All products of eminent smartphone products come in minimal packaging, which is a straight reflection of their products that emphasize clean, no-frills product design.

Knows the realities

Custom product packaging is now synonymous with being an asset through which to attract customers, yet at the basic, packing serves to protect and facilitate the transport of a product. Therefore, if the product needs any special packaging features then they should be accounted for in the design process. What kind of opening is best for the product? If it is liquid then it must then be re-sealed. What kind of material could it use? Is it a perishable item or not, whether it needs to be microwave friendly or not, and are there any regulations to follow when designing the packaging?

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Aware of the production limitations

On the drawing board, the packaging may look great but you are required to consider the effect it will have on the production line when the design ultimately has to be mass-produced. On paper, the design might look wonderful yet if it proves too complicated then the design is a roadblock to itself and requires to be rectified. Designs could prove to be problematic when they required skilled workers to be assembled, new machinery to be created, finicky bits that add time on the production line and colors which are not readily present causing a delay in production. Avoiding this issue is only possible if the production team is also included in the discussions concerning the designs.

Knows who the target audience is

When creating custom product packaging it is quite important to know your audience. It has already been pointed out above, to understand the company but it is equally essential to understand the target audience. Their demographics, socio-economic category, and educational background are vital features that should be considered. Probabilities of designing a package, which shows the ideas of the targeted audience, will be an immediate success. What are the emotions that the business wishes to evoke in the selected audience and is the created product fulfilling all valid considerations while designing for the target audience? Millennials, boomers, and generation Z all have separate values and companies are mindful of the differences between the generations therefore when targeting any specific audience they can cater to their specific requirements.

Knows the fonts

One may think that something as easy as typography could be a simple hack for any designer or marketer. Yet the easier the points the more likely they are forgotten by them. Fonts or colours utilized which inhibit a customer’s ability to read the information or the brand name could prove to be problematic, as then the customer will easily reach for the competitor with more legible writing on the packaging. The amount of information provided on the packaging must also be weighed as the packaging is filled to the brim with information that might overwhelm the buyer.

At Packman Packaging we know that while rich, durable materials will secure your products, that is not enough to make them look distinct on a crowded shelf. For that additional bit of marketing magic, let Packman design your packaging for maximum impact.

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