During This Festive Season, Shares India’s Leading Packaging Manufacturer and Supplier for e-Commerce and Retail Businesses: Packman Packaging

These are the festive times in India, and perhaps the best time to boost your sales for your business too. This is the reason you see so many offers and discounts during these festive seasons. And the same ploy is used by e-commerce companies too.

And a packaging insert could help you to attract more buyers and boost your sales. A packaging insert is an extra item that e-commerce retailers can put into shipments prior to sending them off to customers, and they are an excellent way to level up your shipping and fulfillment strategy. Packaging inserts (also known as packing inserts) are generally, unexpected and could build goodwill with new customers.

Customers do not have to pay anything additional for a packaging insert. Rather, a packaging insert is something that a brand will utilize to spread awareness related to your campaigns and promotions and lend added value. Overall, package inserts are a cost-effective and versatile gesture for developing a relationship with your customers.

This blog, from Packman Packaging, India’s top packaging company shares the ways a packaging insert could boost the Indian online shopping and retails sales.

Reasons packaging inserts are quite useful

Almost every shipment might either fall short or meet or exceed your customer’s expectations. There are several factors that are beyond your control and it will let you fall below expectations. If things are smooth the courier is delivered on or before time, you have a chance to meet your customer’s expectations.

And many a time the little things that you do, could go a long way and packaging inserts are just that element. Some of the reasons that make packaging inserts quite useful:

  •        Can be low cost
  •        Could be highly targeted
  •        The expense of delivering the message has already been paid
  •        Good for cross-selling
  •        It’s an excellent way to liquidate merchandise
  •        Helps boost loyalty and sales

Ways to consider using packaging inserts to boost your customer loyalty and sales

Here are some of the simple ways.

Discount offers

One of the most popular and straightforward forms of package insert is a discount offer. Though you may deliver these by email, including them right inside the box ensures your customers will receive the offer in their hands rather than in their spam folder. Plus, it leaves them with a tactile reminder.

One of the best cost-effective methods to make discount or deal offers to be included with your packaging is to print them at business card size (business cards are such a commodity at this point they are quite inexpensive).

You may look to consider including two discount cards with each purchase, one for the purchaser and one for the purchaser to give away to a loved one. You might also want to test out various types of offers to see which one your audience responds best to. Some examples are:

  •        Free shipping on your next order
  •        Cashback on your next order
  •        20% off on the next order

Sample products

Samples could be a great value add to your packages for certain reasons. First, based on the products you sell, you can sometimes receive samples for free from your vendors. Second, product samples lend a top way to cross-sell customers and introduce them to other products and product lines that they might not know about or have been curious about buying.

Small gifts

Quite like the samples, small gifts are a great way to surprise and delight your customers without making them feel like you are trying to sell them other products. The gift you give does not have to be expensive. Since it is unexpected, most will be pleasantly surprised by any extra gifts.

These small, mostly inexpensive gifts make people feel special, and it puts the law of reciprocity to work for you. It is a powerful psychological trigger that leaves people wanting to return the favor and could help encourage repeat business while leaving everyone feeling awesome about the transaction.

Thank you cards

The easiest, least expensive, and most personalized insert you can include in customer packages is a handwritten thank-you card. A simple-looking card can be a really thoughtful gesture that will help build loyalty.

Cards might be specifically, effective when first starting out, as it is a competitive advantage that most larger-scale businesses can no longer offer. Use it to your advantage.

Product review, share on social media, request

Since the shipped package generally, represents the end of the transaction for several customers, packaging inserts might be a great place to ask for a product review or for customers to share their experience using social media. This conveys, you appreciate your customer’s views and it sends a message to your customer that your business believes in honest reviews and opinions that can help them to improve their services.