In the world of packaging, corrugated boxes have come out as a versatile and efficient solution. With their durability and flexibility, corrugated boxes are hugely used across industries. In this blog, Packman Packaging India’s top manufacturer of corrugated boxes delves into the several packaging styles of corrugated boxes that cater to different requirements.

Regular Slotted Container (RSC)

The regular slotted container (RSC) is the most common packaging form for corrugated boxes. It has flaps on the top and bottom that fold together to make a secure enclosure. RSC boxes are easily customizable to accommodate various sizes and shapes of products. They give excellent protection, and stackability, and are cost-effective because of their standardized design. RSC boxes are commonly used in e-commerce, retail, and shipping industries.

Die-Cut Boxes

Die-cut boxes are quite versatile and can be designed to fit certain product dimensions. Contrary to RSC boxes, die-cut boxes have custom-cut shapes and designs, letting for a more precise fit and enhanced protection. Die-cut boxes are mostly used for fragile or irregularly shaped items, like electronics, cosmetics, and food products. Their unique construction makes sure that the contents remain secure during transportation.

Display Boxes

Display boxes are designed to not just protect the product but also showcase it attractively. These boxes are mostly found in retail stores, exhibitions, and trade shows. Display boxes feature an open front panel or a transparent window, letting consumers to see the product without having to open the box. They are usually used for marketing purposes, enabling brands to create eye-catching displays and increase product visibility.

Multi-Depth Boxes

Multi-depth boxes are a practical solution for businesses that require packing and shipping products of varying heights. These boxes contain pre-scored vertical lines that lets them to be easily cut and folded to make multiple height options. Multi-depth boxes remove the need for maintaining a large inventory of boxes with different heights, decreasing storage space and costs. They are suitable for businesses with a wide range of product sizes, offering flexibility and efficiency in packaging.

Telescoping Boxes

Telescoping boxes consist of two parts: a lid and a tray that fit together properly. These boxes provide excellent protection and are mostly used for delicate and high-value items. The lid slides over the tray, lending an additional layer of security. Telescoping boxes are usually, seen in the jewelry, electronics, and automotive industries. They are formed to create a tight fit, preventing any movement or damage during transit.

Corrugated boxes are present in various packaging styles to cater to the various needs of businesses across industries. From regular slotted containers for standard products to telescoping boxes for delicate items, each packaging style presents unique advantages. Choosing the right style makes sure that products are well-protected, efficiently shipped, and aesthetically presented to consumers. If your business is looking for a reliable corrugated boxes manufacturer, you may contact Packman Packaging and avail of corrugated boxes at the best prices.